“As Moms, it’s okay to make your family a priority, however putting your own Health first should be your top priority. You can’t give what you dont have. Love yourself, know your body, eat healthily, practice gratitude, your family will benefit more from a healthy you.” - Layo Akande

About Sold On Wellness 


You’ve been dubbed the “Multitasker extraordinaire”.

Friends and Family admire how you manage to do so many tasks efficiently and effectively. 

Juggling house chores, kids and career is almost effortless to you.

Up until now you had all that stuff, and the “craziness” that comes with it figured out, BUT lately, you are falling off that high pedestal, no matter how much you try to meet up to all those tasks, you struggle - hard. 

You shared your concern with fellow mom friends, and found out they are in the same boat, (interesting right?).

With piled up tasks, getting fatigued more often, energy level dropping daily, skin not glowing as it used to, becoming forgetful, mood "zig-zaging"?

They implied those symptoms happen to most busy moms, it comes with the “mom package,” and all that is  needed is some days off work to rest, and you’ll be back to yourself AGAIN.

I won't ask you how that went, cos we both know that after taking those few days off and resting, yo! Nothing significant changed.

There’s nothing NORMAL about those symptoms. 

Since you are with me to this point something tells me you need answers and a way out from:

•    Being constantly  fatigued

•    Weight gain/weight loss 

•    Inability to focus 

•    Skin Issues

•    Sugar & Carb cravings

•    Low sex drive

•    Mood swings

•    Digestive issues 


You want to get your groove back, You want to kick stress in the butt, You. Want. To. Be. Healthy!

I totally get that my friend, cos I’ve been there and oh, I’m living that change, it is a process, a journey, a lifestyle.

There are two approaches to consider:

1. Outside In:

This is about what you do with your body i.e what you put in and, on your body, e.g Regular exercising, maintaining a Healthy diet, drinking plenty water, enjoying better Sleep, products you use, Partaking in light-hearted and fun activities with friends and family. 

2. Inside Out:

You will experience the effects of the first point here. The saying you are what you eat (plus products you use) is the quickest that comes to mind to explain this. 

Next are the intangibles that have ripple effects on improving our overall wellness, i.e. Praying, Renewing the mind etc. 

In my opinion, we cannot ignore these two perspectives in our quest to being Healthy Moms. 

Hey! I am Funmi Akande, a natural lifestyle enthusiast, An Integrative Nutrition & Wellness Coach, a wife, and mom to two lovely kids.

For years I struggled with acne, and when motherhood came into the picture, it got worse because like many moms out there I shifted attention to starting a family, taking care of the home and putting everyone and everything first before myself.

I also struggled with fatigue, stress, mood swings, weight gain.

Woke up one day, looked into the mirror which for the better part of being a mom wasn’t my favourite thing as I didn’t like who I saw in it.

Well on this day I looked into the mirror and decided right there something, anything (reasonably healthy) must be done.

I got into intensive research, hoping to nail the ‘solution,’ and I did! Acne wasn’t the problem, in fact, Fatigue, stress, mood swings, weight gain weren’t the problem all along.

I found the culprit and face this Culprit head-on. The culprit?


There is a connection between our Hormones and the above symptoms.

Hormones do not just disturb us once a month, when they are out of whack, they can disrupt our health and weight.

Causes for hormonal imbalances include inflammation, genetic susceptibility, poor gut health, high amounts of stress and toxicity.

Hormones in themselves aren’t evil, but they can be working against our energy levels, ability to enjoy life throughout our whole circle, mood swings and our cravings.

Our whole Biology is built on Hormones, that is how crucial they are.

But you know balancing hormones doesnt happen with a snap of a finger, incorporating healthy habits daily goes along with it. 

So, now I will love to help you discover ways you can relieve the fatigue, achieve endless energy, be the healthier version of your beautiful self and thrive from the inside-out. 

Sold On Wellness is my “pretty large” virtual home where I share with busy moms ways they can incorporate healthy habits into their lives. I am pleased to be your host here, all day, every day. (winks)

On Sold On Wellness I will be sharing with you:

•    Healthy Eating Ideas and Recipes to help your gut, energy, and hormones 

•    How to cleanse and detox your body of toxins

•    In-depth wellness information (How what you drink, eat, breathe and put on your skin have an overall impact on health)

•    How to detect hormone imbalance symptoms and signs to look out for when your body and mind don’t feel right.

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Guess who your tour guide is? Me!

Let’s have some fun.


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