Remarkable Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits for your Home

A salt lamp is a lamp made out of Himalayan sea salt that not only lights up your room but may also provide you with a plethora of health and environmental benefits.  Here are a few reasons you may want to add a Himalayan salt lamp to your décor. 1. Clean and purified air Himalayan salt lamps are popular for purifying and cleansing the air around you and may […]

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5 Amazing Turmeric Golden Milk Benefits You Will Love

Turmeric Golden Milk Benefits’ basis is from turmeric powder which is often considered the king of spices and is frequently used in curries. It is extracted from Curcuma longa, which is a tropical herb. Extensive research on the properties of turmeric powder shows that it may provide antioxidant, anticancer, and anti-inflammatory properties. You can add […]

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How to knowingly Read Food Nutrition Labels

When you are trying to lose, gain or maintain weight, it is important to understand and know what you are putting in your body. Food Nutrition labels have become increasingly easier to read and more informative for even beginning label readers to know what they are consuming. Food nutrition labels provide all the information you […]

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