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Delicious Healthy Apple Pie Smoothie Recipe

Now is the perfect time for different desserts like this healthy apple pie smoothie recipes. A beautiful balance of juicy apples, cinnamon powder, ground nutmeg, and cloves gives this healthy smoothie a wonderful apple pie flavor we all love so much.There is an old saying most of us are familiar with – ”an apple a day […]

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Yummy Beet Ice Cream you’ll Enjoy

This interesting ice cream is perfect for those who enjoy ice-cold desserts but want to eat something healthy and nutritious. Beets are among the healthiest root vegetables on earth. They are packed with all the essential vitamins, minerals, and plant compounds. All these impressive nutritional benefits come with only 44 calories per 100 grams.Beets are a […]

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Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookies

​These handy little snacks are a perfect option to prepare in several batches and keep in air-tight containers for those unpleasant afternoon sugar cravings.  They are a wonderful combination of several extremely healthy ingredients which actually balance your blood sugar levels and keep your hormones stable. Chocolate and peanut butter are extremely popular and wonderfully delicious […]

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Healthy Chocolate Cheesecake with Oats and Cashews

Hardly anyone (ok, maybe few exceptions) can say no to a good piece of cheesecake that melts in the mouth. However, just like most other desserts, traditional cheesecake usually comes packed with processed sugar and tons of other unhealthy ingredients you should probably avoid. This Healthy Chocolate Cheesecake recipe came as a result of many […]

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Nutritionally-loaded Avocado Almond Butter Smoothie

This beautiful Avocado Almond Butter Smoothie is a unique combination of nutritionally-loaded avocado, tender bananas, plant milk, probiotic-rich Greek yogurt, and healthy unsweetened cocoa powder. Avocado is considered the king of fruits. Unlike other fruits that are very low in calories and have almost no fats at all, avocado is relatively high in calories, has […]

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