Do you find yourself feeling sluggish and lazy mid-afternoon, and you have to fight the urge to take the rest of the day off, or do you feel just plain exhausted and tired for no apparent reason?

In this article, I’m going to share easy and affordable ways to instantly shrug off tiredness and naturally raise your energy levels.

So, skip the extra cups of coffee and try these easy, natural ways to boost and achieve more energy.

achieve endless energy

We will cover

1. Food:

  • Supplements for how to achieve more energy
  • Foods for how to achieve more energy (dairy-free and gluten-free)
  • Hydration
  • Coconut water

2. Lifestyle Changes:

  • Exercise
  • Sleep
  • Mindset

3. Structuring Your Day for Optimal Energy

  • Goal Setting
  • Affirmations


Eating healthy food can help you in a wide variety of ways. It can help reduce weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle, eventually raising your energy level to the maximum.

Include fruits and vegetables in your diet and avoid eating junk food as much as possible. This helps stave off diseases and strengthen your immune system. Bring some more positive changes to your life with the following ideas.

A.    Supplements to achieve more energy

The following supplements are the most effective at raising your energy levels and fighting fatigue and restlessness by fulfilling your body’s nutritional needs. (It is very important to consult your doctor before going on any supplements)

•    Glycine

•    Theanine

•    Magnesium and Iron

•    Vitamin B & D

•    Carnitine

•    Melatonin

Including foods that are high in these supplements, or taking them orally, can help boost your energy, make you feel refreshed and more enthusiastic about life.

B.    Foods to achieve more energy

achieve endless energy

The following foods can be added to your daily diet for boosted energy levels:

  1. Avocados
  2. Edamame
  3. Lentils
  4. Lean beef
  5. Banana
  6. Quinoa
  7. Fatty Fish
  8. Beans
  9. Brown Rice
  10. Sweet Potatoes
  11. Goji berries
  12. Oatmeal
  13. Hummus
  14. Leaf Green Vegetables
  15. Beets
  16. Yerba Mate
  17. Dark Chocolate
  18. Blueberries
  19. Salmon
  20. Pumpkin seeds
  21. Apples
  22. Spinach
  23. Green Tea
  24. Chia seeds
  25. Eggs

Things to note:

If you want to achieve more energy but feel down or have low levels of energy, you might be suffering from a deficiency of magnesium. Increasing your magnesium on daily basis will help alleviate fatigue and sluggishness.

•    Start by choosing a healthy diet. Simple carbohydrates are digested quickly digested, requiring a lot of insulin for your body to balance them out; consume them in moderation.

On the other hand, complex carbohydrates are dissolved more slowly and are better for overall health. These are present in whole grain, brown rice, leafy vegetables, and oats, which are also loaded with vitamins and other nutrients.

•    Protein is essential for the body to stay healthy, so add lean meat like fish and chicken.

•   Get to understand the difference between good and bad fats. Unsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids are the “good” fats that don’t raise your cholesterol level. These are found in fish, nuts, and olive oil and in many other seeds.

Saturated fats are the bad fats found in processed food that can raise your cholesterol level and cause heart disease, so avoid them as much as possible

•    Limit your portions to avoid overeating and weight gain and to help stay fit and healthy.

•    Drink plenty of water and avoid fast food as much as possible.

Following these tips, you can maintain a nutritious, balanced diet that supports a healthy mind and body and maximizes your energy levels in the midst of a busy routine.

C.    Hydration

The earliest signs of dehydration are fatigue and lack of energy; if you are feeling thirsty, you are already behind.

Our bodies require a substantial amount of water to function properly, so not replenishing it appropriately can immediately impact your metabolism and your energy.

Check out the following tips to stay hydrated and maintain your energy levels.

•    Endeavor to drink 10-12 glasses of water a day. Avoid heavily sweetened or caffeinated beverages as much as possible, because they can actually have the opposite effect.

•   If drinking water is a challenge, try to add fruit or lemon juice to it, or try eating more fruits and vegetables with high water content.

•    Forget sports drinks loaded with high fructose corn syrup and additives, though;  If you work out regularly, you may want to substitute water with a drink that helps replace the electrolytes your body is sweating out. Opt for coconut water or water naturally flavored with lemon and honey instead.


Coconut water is an isotonic drink packed with electrolytes and potassium. It is ideal for proper rehydration and has great antiviral properties. Contains kinetin, which aids in keeping the coconut “young” and fresh despite it’s constant exposure to the sun; it will have the same effect on your body!



Consistent good health and high energy levels are results of a lifestyle. You cannot expect to maintain a healthy, energetic life by going on crash diets or sporadic, high-intensity workout programs. Good health and high energy require steady, sustained changes, but those changes can be small and gradual.

A.    Exercise to achieve more energy

Exercise is important for keeping both your mind and your body physically fit. If you really want to achieve more energy, Exercise.

Exercise is also more than just intimidating weightlifters in the local gym. Exercise can be anything from walking or jogging in the park or around the block to simple exercises you can do at home, or even a community-organized sports league. Here are a few small changes you can try to make exercise part of your daily routine.

•    Change your mindset. Think “active” instead of “lazy.” Stay motivated by remembering that you are setting an example for your friends and family.

•    Set a realistic goal to achieve, like losing a certain amount of weight or being able to run two miles without stopping. Make a plan for how to get there.

•    Set a regular time for your workout and stick to it.

•    Make exercising fun and stimulating by playing loud music, or even listening to podcasts or audiobooks to keep your mind occupied.

•    Team up with a friend or your partner to get better results.

B.    Sleep to achieve more energy

Getting enough sleep is essential for boosting your energy levels. When you do not sleep enough—or get good quality sleep—you get annoyed at every little thing and do not feel good about anything. This may affect the people around you in a very negative way.

Additionally, adenosine, a by-product of cell activity that’s produced by the body, is believed to be a contributor to our perception of being tired. Adenosine builds up during the day but during sleep, our bodies clear it from our systems, helping us feel alert.

Try to get enough good quality sleep time to feel fresh and healthy when you get up. Here are some tips to improve your sleeping habits and boost your energy:

•    Follow a set schedule for going to bed and getting up. “Early to bed, early to rise” is an excellent adage to live by for good health.

•    Try to maintain this schedule even on weekends, trying to fit in at least an hour of relaxation. Your mind and body become unbalanced by a changing routine.

•    An hour before sleep should be spent in a calm environment. Avoid using the TV or cell phone, and don’t do any strenuous exercises. You are trying to get your body to relax and to start shutting down.

•    Avoid heavy foods, nicotine, and caffeine several hours before going to bed to help you sleep better.

•    Keep your bedroom cool, clean, and inviting. This also creates a calming environment for better sleep. You can take a hot bath or enjoy a massage to help relax, as well.

C.    MINDSET to achieve more energy

The old adage “Thinking is half the battle” could not be more true about your energy levels.

Energy and motivation are just as much about your mindset as they are about your physical stamina, and a positive mindset will take you much further than a negative one.

A positive mindset can be that little extra boost when you hit a bump and can be the difference between letting a challenge get you down or motivate you. Here are some things to think about to start changing your mindset.

•    Start believing that positive thinking is a choice. You can choose how to perceive a situation, and you can choose how to react to it. You may not be able to control your situation, but your situation does not have to control you.

•    Find the positives and be a “glass half full” person. Even in a negative situation, there can be something positive you get out of it. It might be that the only positive is that it won’t last forever; focus on that!

•    Share your positive mindset. Don’t feel pressure to commiserate or complain just because others around you are doing it; words are powerful, and every negative word you say or negative thought you have can gradually drain your energy levels.



achieve more energy be positive

One of the best ways to maximize your energy levels is by properly structuring your day. Plan your day in a way that helps you to boost energy levels instead of draining them. A great daily routine could include the following:

•    Rise early

•    Exercise

•    Surround yourself with positive people at work as well at home

•    Meditate

•    Say “No” to stress

•    Eat healthily

•    Reduce the consumption of processed food and carbs

•    Have a positive outlook towards life

•    Stay hydrated

•    Go out often

•    Get enough sleep

B.    Goal setting to achieve more energy

Setting smart, realistic, and achievable goals can also help to keep you motivated and your energy levels boosted.

Setting small, achievable goals acts as practice or a stepping stone; as you achieve these small things, your energy levels go up and so does your motivation to work harder toward even bigger goals.

Goals can be anything from fitting in a new dress or finishing your work early in the month so you have time to relax. Setting and meeting goals will help you achieve what you want while keeping your energy elevated.

C.    Affirmations to achieve more energy

Affirmations are simply phrases you say to yourself that have a positive impact on your mindset. Practicing daily affirmations can help you maintain the energy levels you are working so hard to boost because they support your mental and emotional stability.

Here are a few things to remember about practicing affirmations, and how to start doing them yourself.

•    Keep it simple, and use language or words that you would use yourself. Your affirmation should be easy to say and should flow naturally.

•    Write it down. Write down your affirmation and place it somewhere where you will see it every morning, whether it’s the bathroom mirror, the cabinet with the coffee mugs, or on the door heading to your car.

•    Use “I” statements. This reinforces the power of the message you are trying to tell your brain.

•    Repetition. Repetition acts to cement an idea, behavior, or habit into our brains. Repeat your affirmation several times, each time with increasing forcefulness or passion, until you begin to feel and believe what you are saying.

•    Example affirmations:

“I am worth it.”

“I am a strong, powerful, and competent human being and I am necessary in this world.”

Your energy levels are influenced by more factors than just that cup of coffee you have been drinking. Truly healthy, sustained energy is also not something you can—or should—get from a can.

Your energy is a product of your physical, mental, and emotional health; all three need to be in the best shape possible to maximize your energy levels.

You will be amazed at how far a little extra energy goes, and how it continues to recharge you, as the battery of a car. Today you have a little more energy to walk an extra block.

That leads to more energy tomorrow when you finish that task at work early. That leaves you feeling motivated to call up an old friend for a much-needed conversation, and so on.

Make small changes today that will help you achieve more energy, and in fact, boost and maintain your energy levels for your future health.




About the Author Funmi

Funmi is a Certified Functional Health Coach. She is passionate about helping female entrepreneurs transform from Stress and burnout so they can begin to thrive in their body and, by extension, their businesses. 

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