Develop Entrepreneurial Mindset for impacting lives

 This is about developing the right mindset that helps you puts things in perspective - why you are in your business, what you will love to be known for and the impact you want to contribute to the world without sacrificing your health and wellbeing. 

Developinging an entrepreneurial mindset for impacting lives will require you work on your mindset, identify what your purpose is and understand why putting Value first in your business can be reason for your success.


The goal to apply effort and efficiency to the right strategy while applying the right mindset that delivers purpose and value.


Purpose gives Direction which helps us understand how best to deliver our message and what we stand for 

Creating Value 

Creating a Value Based Business one of the most effective model to implement. It's about you having an impact on your customers

Positivity Mindset for Female Entrepreneurs

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Overcoming Stress & Optimising Sleep for Women Entrepreneur 

Hustling and working on your goals shouldn't cause you to struggle in your body and by extension your business, It's time to start THRIVING in your body and see the ripple effect in your personal life and business. Click the button below to be among the first people to get access once it's opened. 

About Funmi

I’m Funmi Akande, a Certified Functional Health Coach through Institute of Integrative Nutrition & Functional Nutrition Alliance (where I studied the Full Body System).

I help Female Entrepreneurs restore their health from Chronic Stress & Burnout, so they can feel Empowered to relieve fatigue, anxiety, drop any unwanted weight holding them down.

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