Do you Sit, Stand, for long hours or engage in repetitive motions like running or other exercise? 

Access your FREE Complete Guide to Foam Rolling below. 

Foam rollers are almost magical when it comes to their benefits …  and they are super simple to use once you know the basics. 

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Funmi Akande, Health & Wellness Coach

The Foam Rolling Guide is an illustrated ebook that shows you in simple terms:

1. How to choose a foam roller that’s right for you
2. Easy tips for incorporating it into your routine
3. Exercises to target common troubles spots
...and much more 
Foam rolling is a relatively new form of self-massage that’s designed to work out the adhesions (aka “knots”) that can build up in and around your muscles. 

We’ve all got them, and it happens whenever you hold a certain position too long (like sitting or standing), or engage in repetitive motions like running or other exercise.

Over time, these knots can make it harder for our muscles to move freely … and using a foam roller is an easy way to help loosen them up!
Chances are you’ll notice results almost immediately from using your foam roller.

The best thing is, the more you use it, the better the results you’ll feel. Many people even report a decrease in pain after using a foam roller!

Plus, foam rolling can help improve your circulation, boost your performance, AND help your muscles recover faster from workouts by speeding up the healing process. 

Pretty amazing, right?

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