Delicious foods that promote a healthy digestive system

Foods that promote a healthy digestive system can help us get our digestion back in “order”.  The main reason that alters the process of digestion is a poor diet. This leads to multiple diseases, from alteration of the intestinal flora or the permeability of the intestine to immunological problems.

The meaning of the word digestion and, therefore, of the verb “digest” comes from the Latin “digerere.” Its origin comes from the word distribute, divide, that is, separate in an orderly manner. It is about converting or transforming into the digestive system the foods assimilated by the organism.

foods that promote a healthy digestive system

Our whole digestive system, from the mouth to the rectum, is intelligently designed to be able to absorb things that it chooses as beneficial for our body and to excrete those that are not useful to it. This occurs from the mucosa of the tongue-digestive process that happens in the mouth-thanks to the saliva and then continues in the stomach, where there are also absorptions of some substances and division of others.

A huge amount occurs in the small intestine, which is the large tube where the effects and the phenomena of the division of elements take place and then there are a few other substances to be absorbed by the large intestine. This is where the great majority will end up excreting, where the large intestine chooses what is not going to be beneficial for the body.

In this opportunity we will know some natural laxatives that can be very beneficial for your body to have no side effects, also because they are natural products can be consumed with all the required frequency, although of course, without exceeding.

When all the functions of our digestive system are distorted and altered – which in an orderly manner select many substances that must be excreted because they are harmful – they are absorbed. This can lead to multiple diseases -from all autoimmune pathologies to cancer-, especially since this process of division and selection of substances began to be altered.

The main reason that alters the process of digestion is a poor diet. And, in association with this, the harmful choice of food: the more industrialized food is, the worse it is for our intestine (due to the number of additives it contains).

Let’s take a look at foods that promote a healthy digestive system below:

1. Mulberry

foods that promote healthy digestive system mulberry

The mulberry is a gift of nature, a fruit with valuable ingredients. Basically, mulberries are made up of a quarter of protein, making them an important source of vegetable protein in the body. Apart from that, they have a large amount of sodium and potassium, which are mainly responsible for regulating the fluid balance in the body.

Mulberries contain roughage which is Dietary fiber is essential for proper functioning of the entire gastrointestinal tract and human digestion. They ensure that there are no blockages and the intestine is virtually constantly cleaned from the inside and kept clean.

In the organism, fiber binds harmful and toxic substances, helping to eliminate them faster and thus keeping the intestinal flora healthy. Mulberries contain a large proportion of valuable fiber in the form of plant fibers. Sodium, fructose, and copper that contain mulberry help improve digestion; also prevent constipation because they are rich in fiber.

2. Onions

foods that promote healthy digestive system onions

Onion, besides being an excellent natural remedy to reduce cholesterol levels, prevents diseases as complicated as cancer and is also an effective antioxidant.

Thanks to the presence of vitamins C and E, it is also a good laxative since it effectively collaborates in the proper mobility of the intestines, facilitating normal and continuous evacuation.

3. Oranges

foods that promote healthy digestive system oranges

Oranges contain naringenin, a bitter substance that stimulates the liver and deprives the body of energy (from the fat!).

Added to this is the concentrated charge of vitamin C, which – like raspberries – stimulates our digestion. Just one orange a day is enough to get the digestion going.

4. Squash

foods that promote healthy digestive system squash

The squash is a vegetable with an important presence in the cuisine of a large number of countries and cultures since it was exported to Europe. Although there are different varieties, most have similar nutritional properties. Its flavor is sweet, although it can be used in both sweet and savory dishes.

The squash is easy to digest and contain mucilage that protects the stomach mucosa so that people with heartburn or digestive problems can eat without causing them discomfort. It is also a mild food that has even been recommended as one of the first solid foods in babies.

Being rich in fiber squash is good for digestion. Fiber helps your body digest food efficiently and absorb nutrients. It helps move food through the digestive tract, prevents constipation, absorbs water and adds volume to the stool, thus controlling diarrhea.

5. Raspberries

foods that promote healthy digestive system raspberry

Raspberries are rich in vitamin C. This vitamin not only strengthens our immune system but also stimulates our digestion. Also, raspberries are full of fiber.

These stimulate the intestinal activity and in this way accelerate the intestinal transit. Practical side effect: fiber-rich foods fill you up quicker and also serve as a breeding ground for positive intestinal bacteria.

6. Sweet Corn

foods that promote healthy digestive system corn

Sweet Corn is high in dietary fiber that includes soluble and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber helps block the absorption of cholesterol from becoming a gel of consistency while insoluble fiber prevents problems of constipation and intestinal promotion of loose and bulky stools that can move easily through the intestine, thus reducing the chances of the syndrome Irritable bowel and diarrhea.

Therefore, it helps prevent digestive problems such as constipation and hemorrhoids and colon cancer. Although corn contains both types of fibers, it has a higher content of insoluble fiber.

7. Almonds

foods that promote healthy digestive system almonds

We now know that almonds are healthy: they contain healthy fatty acids, many proteins (around 20 percent) and fiber. The main reason why almonds are one of the foods that promote a healthy digestive system is that they are high magnesium content.

Magnesium optimizes the function of the organs – including those of the stomach and intestines! Perfect dose: A hand full of almonds a day (about 30 grams) snack – yummy!

8. Coffee

foods that promote healthy digestive system coffee

The good news first: It’s NOT the caffeine that makes coffee a digestive expert. Those who prefer (or for health reasons) can only drink decaffeinated coffee can also stimulate this digestion.

The acid contained in the coffee, as well as the heat of the drink,  play a greater role. In other words, if you do not like coffee, you can also grab a tea or warm water.

Final thoughts

These eight foods that promote a healthy digestive system can be used by those suffering from constipation, and also by those who are affected by gastritis, abdominal swelling, heartburn or another digestive discomfort.

Remember that in addition to these foods, always take a varied diet, reduce stress and exercise regularly are allies of good digestion. Avoid the consumption of alcoholic beverages, exercise and control stress are some other recommendations to improve digestion. Take care of your digestive health!


Funmi is an Integrative Health Coach & A Functional Nutrition Educator. She is passionate about helping busy women discover ways to restore their Energy, Health & Well-being (their families' inclusive)