August 30, 2018

How to increase your Appetite naturally

by Funmi


It’s 4 pm and you just realized it’s past Lunch break, you haven’t even had your breakfast, not even water to drink since daybreak, this has been going on for some time.

Some days you barely eat much till you get back home. The food is there, but you can’t seem to “find” the appetite to eat. In this article, I will be sharing natural ways you can increase your appetite.

Appetite is the pleasant sensation of eating which is controlled by two parts of the brain: the hypothalamus, which stimulates the release of hormones that trigger hunger until it is satisfied, and the cerebral cortex, seat of intellectual and sensory functions.

A good appetite reflects both an unconscious response and learned behavior. There are many factors or circumstances that cause a loss of appetites such as Physical, mental conditions, mineral or vitamin deficiencies and medications.

increase appetite naturally

Alcoholism and smoking not only reduce appetite but can also lead to nutritional deficiencies.

Eating large amounts of bran, whole grain products, and other high fiber foods hinders the uptake of zinc and other minerals; these foods also decrease the appetite because they give a feeling of satiety.

Drinking a lot before a meal has the same effect. Loss of appetite due to illness usually ends with healing.

Let look at a few ways you can increase your appetite naturally below:

1. Begin to Drink More Water:

increase appetite naturAlly water

One of the known quotes is “water is life.” Maintaining the right balance of water in the body means that you will always manage the body’s intake of food and the nutrients that are required for it to function optimally.

Dehydration tendencies or periods that your body lacks water could make you feel you are probably hungry.

With dehydration, the body systems are exposed to numerous symptoms that could affect the way that the body functions.

Adopting the eight glasses of water a day practice is something that we all need to try out even if we don’t want to.

2. Break the Chunk, Make It Small

increase appetite naturally food

If you are like me and you get overwhelmed just looking at a big plate of food, this tip here will come in handy for you.

You want to stick to a routine (another thing I don’t like, but I’ve learnt to do) to make sure you have your breakfast, Lunch, Dinner at the time you set for them rather than “brunch” and Dinner.

If there is anything I’ve discovered about keeping to this tip is not missing breakfast, you know why? Its set the day off in the right direction, “eating-wise,” now in between your scheduled time, you can slot in healthy snack times, this way you aren’t going on without food for a long time during the day.

If you consistently skip meals too often, it becomes a habit subconsciously, and then you hear yourself saying “I don’t have an appetite.”

So keeping a Routine and having what you can finish on the plate can help you enjoy eating and increase your appetite naturally.

3. Make What You Like A Part Of The Menuincrease appetite naturally lady

From favorite continental dishes to the local dishes we can choose which ones appear on our menus and the supplementary foods to include alongside.

Too much inclusion of what we presume to be our favorite food could come at the cost of missing out on some of the vital food nutrients.

For some reason I can’t eat mushroom by itself, I like it, but I will need to have it with included with a spicy vegetable soup almost lost in it for me to enjoy it.

Fats, carbohydrates, minerals, fiber, protein, vitamins, and water are essentials that our body needs for growth and performance. A lack of any of the nutrients could mean that we get a similar deficiency or illness.

Ultimately this means that we need to have a balanced diet around the things that we like. In following this approach, we can select the foods of preferences that are rich in the different essential nutrients, and this will assist in increasing our appetite naturally.

4. Include Vegetables On The Menu

increase appetite naturally vegetable

The organic taste and aroma that vegetables offer is one that most of us crave for from kale, spinach, Pumpkin leaves to broccoli which are healthy superfoods. Vegetables have endless advantages from being medicinal to rich in nutrients for the body.

The bitterness in some of the leafy greens can stimulate our appetite naturally and we can never go wrong in including vegetables as supplementary food to our daily menus for healthy eating.

The cool thing about vegetables is that you can have them in many different ways, like soups, salads, in smoothies to mention a few. So, Include them to increase your appetite naturally.

5. Make Grabbing Healthy Snacks a Habit

increase appetite naturally snack

Snacks are helpful as in between meals or when you are on the go because they increase your desire to eat and improve your calorie intake.

You do want to go for the healthy options such as fruits, granola bars or protein bars, popcorns, nut butter, Greek yogurt. You get the idea!

One thing to note since you are trying to increase your appetite naturally is not to snack close to your mealtime as it affects mealtime.

6. Don’t Run Short Of Food

Keeping your refrigerators stocked with food or the pantry full is ideal for every household. There are those crazy moments when you either run short on budget or you get home late in the night and all the groceries shops are closed.

This could also be a case where you are in the office and due to a change in weather or heavy traffic you cannot head to the food court or restaurant to get something to eat.

Any physiological exposure to hunger can stimulate the starvation hormone that makes the body more used to staying hungry. As the body is exposed to more hunger and a counter-reaction of the Leptin (hormone for starvation), we expect a loss of appetite.

Having a variety food stock in the house and packing food while heading to work can be a guarantee that you will always have food available when you need to eat, that way you aren’t subjecting your body to hormonal reactions.

7. Change Spices to Increase Appetite Naturally

increase appetite naturally spice

You have probably tried out several spices and can agree with me that there reaches a point when the spices get to be boring. Whenever a spice gets boring, I try to change to new types that are proven and available for me to buy.

There are times I had to make my beans with chicken soup to be in a position to have a chicken flavored beans source.

Trying a different combination of main food courses with one having a suppressant aroma could be an option that works for you. Change in spices can arouse your appetite, and you are likely to eat what you thought you could never eat.

Finding a working playbook of spices is something that all moms need for healthy eating in their households. Having a list of spices that work for your family can phase out your lack of appetite.

8. Eat with Friends And Family

increase appetite naturally social

We are more likely to eat more when we eat with families and friends. We can have an entire agreeable menu of food that we can eat across the week as a family or as friends. In doing this, we are all accountable for each member who is not present for dinner, lunch or a meal.

Let’s not refer to this as forceful eating but a strategy to have healthy eating. This is a strategy to not skipping the most important meals of the day.

How Can we Always Eat Together?

Everyone matters that is everyone subscribing to a meal-sharing plan should be in the position to make suggestions on the meals of preference and the times they are most comfortable to share the meals and/or venues, for example, home or at the eatery.

Let’s not neglect some of the suggestions that our kids could bring on the table as well, and we could choose to guide them as opposed to saying no that’s too sweet, and you can’t eat that.

There shouldn’t be any excuse for a failure to share a meal with the people we consider the matter to us.

Agreeing to the terms of having healthy meals is important for everyone, and it’s important that we start by involving the possible stakeholders.

Take Away

1. Loss of appetite can be caused by many factors, and several strategies can stimulate appetite. Eat small amounts throughout the day rather than big meals you might not finish.

2. Prepare snacks in anticipation of when the appetite comes back a little.

3. Take a Grapefruit Juice: A slightly tart and bitter drink has recognized appealing qualities, taking a Grapefruit at the beginning of the meal can stimulate the digestive secretions and puts in appetite.

4. Create a Relaxed Atmosphere: Put flowers on the table, listen to soft music – all that contributes to making your interior pleasant. The smells of the food we like are also stimulating.

5. Try to do Some Physical Exercise: Walk before meals; Physical activity increases appetite in some people.

6. Focus on Fresh fruits and vegetables for vitamin C, seafood, nuts, cereals and whole grains for zinc and B vitamins. Drink before a meal, Take foods rich in fiber.

Above are a few of the ideas you can use to increase your appetite naturally. The no-brainer is reading this article like you did for the last 10 minutes and trying these tips out.

 Be Healthy, be happy!

About the author


Funmi is Functional Health Coach. She is passionate about helping female entrepreneurs transform from Stress and burnout so they can begin to thrive in their body and by extension their businesses.

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