You were once a size 6/8/10, motherhood came into the picture and boom, the mirror stopped being your favourite. You just don't like who you see in there. Though we all come in different shapes and sizes, society does not accept all of us. A lot of us are self-conscious, self-critical and only see our flaws. 

love yourself again be happy

We compare ourselves to people around us and the standards that society has approved. 

We don’t think other people’s complaints are justified because we believe they are better or have something we don’t have. We need to learn to love ourselves because each person is unique. 

OK, I get all that concern, however there's a place you can start which can potentially turn situations around and help you put things in perspective - LEARN TO LOVE YOURSELF SILLY!

Here are five steps to falling in love with yourself all over again!

Step One: Stop comparing yourself to others

Your body is yours alone, so you shouldn’t compare it to someone else’s. Comparisons will lead you down a road of jealousy, envy and even deep-rooted unhappiness. 

We all have flaws; some are visible to the world; some aren’t. Close that magazine and don’t look at the models on the runway; these are just an idealistic presentation of what isn’t real.

Models are heavily photoshopped in magazines and resculpted on the runways thanks to heavy makeup and special clothes. These ideals don’t work in real life.

Step two: Change how you perceive yourself

If you want to love yourself again and  be happy, What do you think of, when you think of yourself? Say positive affirmations to yourself every day when you look in the mirror. 

This works because this is also how your dislike for your body started in the first place; so reverse the cycle. Turn the process around and start praising your body.

Step Three: Hit the gym...

...Or the park, a dance class or a yoga class. Trying new exercises or taking on a physical challenge helps you learn about your body in a new way. 

love yourself again

You discover new abilities, new strengths, and new power just by moving your body. Physical activity is a great way to learn to love your body.

You also get to experience what you are capable of, instead of brooding over what you look like. 

Step Four: Practice gratitude

Remember: whatever situation you are, Always be grateful for your health, the things you have, your accomplishments, and most importantly, your mind.

Step Five: Be your Cheerleader

When you look in the mirror, don’t focus on your flaws. Celebrate the tiny quirks and perfections about your body.

Don't be your own worst enemy, instead be your cheerleader.

For you to move forward in life, whether it is in a relationship, a job, or a new endeavour, success only comes after you learn to love and appreciate yourself.

love yourself and be happy

In Conclusion, Loving yourself will help you realise how important, unique and awesome you are. If you love yourself as you ought, it becomes effortless and easier to have a work-life balance, like/love and appreciate others.

If there's One thing you take out here, its that your are an amazing person and your are capable falling in love yourself again and be happy.

About the Author Funmi

Funmi is a Certified Functional Health Coach. She is passionate about helping female entrepreneurs transform from Stress and burnout so they can begin to thrive in their body and, by extension, their businesses. 

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