Imagine if you could enjoy your hustle without sacrificing your health, wellbeing and relationships. 

The word stress isn't a stranger to most female entrepreneurs.

The problem is that we sometimes don't realise the signs and symptoms happening to us as a result of stress. We attribute it to something else (sometimes we can't put a name to it). 

Running away from a problem only increases the distance from the solution.

Richard Branson said, 'Solving Problems means listening' If you haven't been feeling yourself lately...

I am going to point out the situations that cause stress, the physical, mental, and behavioural signs of stress and let's see if you get the "that must be it" moment. 

Situations that cause stress

Here's what happens when you are under stress, your dear body switches to the "fight or flight" mode because it is convinced it's under attack. 

It then releases a mix of hormones and chemicals so that you are prepared for physical action. 

Another instance that might happen, which will cause you to lose concentration or unable to digest food properly, is Blood being diverted to your muscles. 

The thing is your body will return to normal once it's done combating the 'threat'. However, if you always under pressure, this might not be the case for you. 

Stress can be triggered by different things happening in your life as a female entrepreneur (insert image) that involves:

  • Worrying over something
  • Not having or being in control over the outcome of situations 
  • responsibilities overwhelm 
  • moving and living in circles with no change happening in your life
  • experiencing big changes 
  • being under a lot of pressure 
  • Uncertainties around personal and career growth

Stressed can be as a result of a common live event which is most difficultly to avoid, for example 

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  • debt
  • Financial stagnation 
  • worries about ROI 

Career Growth & Study:

  • stagnant business growth
  • difficulties with partners
  • certification and deadlines 
  • venturing into a new business


  • Issues with neighbours 
  • moving houses 
  • housing problems like the conditions, maintenance

Family & Friends

  • Going through a divorce or breakup 
  • Strained relationship with friends, siblings, parents, business partners
  • being responsible for a relative or friend that needs a lot of support
  • getting married 
  • feeling lonely and unsupported


  • lingering health issues 
  • becoming a parent or pregnancy
  • losing someone
  • daily tasks injury or illness 
  • planning a complicated event 
  • difficult or sudden life events

Signs Of Stress

Stress affects everyone; differently, It can make you feel excited and alive, worn out and overwhelmed. 

A small amount of stress can be productive and motivate you to complete tasks and take action; too much stress can cause negative effects Physically, Mentally and Behaviourally. 

Reducing stress in your life will help you live a sustainable healthy life. Managing the level of stress in your life can have a positive impact in your mood, immunity and productivity. 


Stress in itself is not an illness, but once you allow it to linger on for a long time without making efforts to adjust so you can recuperate. It then increases your risk of other illness. 

Physical Signs of stress include:

  1. Acne: Several Studies have found out that acne severity can be attributed to higher levels of stress. 
  2. Headaches: Increased headache frequency is associated with increased stress levels, and stress happens to be a typical trigger for headaches 
  3. Chronic Pain: Some studies have found out that increased levels of cortisol and higher levels of stress may be associated with Chronic pain 
  4. Compromised immunity might lead to Frequent Sickness: A higher stress level can make you susceptible to infections. 
  5. Fatigue and decreased energy levels can be caused by increased stress over a long period of time
  6. Changes in Sex Drive: Increased and unresolved stress is associated with decreased sexual desire, satisfaction and arousal.  
  7.  Digestive Issues: Studies have shown stress to be linked with digestive issues like diarrhoea, constipation, Stomach pain, Bloating
  8. Rapid Heartbeat: Stressful tasks, events and commitments can increase heart rate or fast heartbeat 
  9. Sweating: exposure to stress can cause high amounts of sweating and odour 
symptoms of stress


If you don't figure out a way to manage your stress very well, you might end up having to deal with depression and anxiety. In some situations, stress can cause other mental health issues or even make them worse. 

Mental Signs of stress include:

  1. Depression: There are studies that show the association between chronic stress, depression and depressive episodes
  2. Anxiety: A study conducted found out that those who go through high levels of work stress are more likely to have more symptoms of anxiety and depression. 
  3. Irritability: Getting easily irritated and angry is one of the tell signs of people under stress.
  4. Memory & Concentration Problems: If suddenly can't think straight like you use to and have trouble concentrating, stress may be part of the problem 
  5. Mood Swing: Mood swing is an emotional sign of stress, and you can feel its impact on your wellbeing 
  6. Feeling Overwhelmed: stress can cause you to feel helpless, worn out and powerless, which causes you to lose interest and motivation gradually. 

Mental Health isn't something to be flippant about, If you feel you aren't getting better regardless of how much you try, Please see a mental health professional to talk about it. 


We all react to stress differently to stress and the causes of potential stress. You might find out that you can cope with a type of problem and really struggle to handle another type. Now it gets more complicated when you have to deal with multiple problems. 

Behaviour Signals of stress include:

  1. Appetite Change (overeating or Undereating) 
  2. Angry Outbursts 
  3. Drug or Alcohol misuse
  4. Tobacco Use
  5. Social Withdrawal
  6. Exercising less Often

I understand there are other factors that be a result of the above, the intention of this article is to also draw your attention to the possibility of stress being one of the main reasons. 


Life of being an entrepreneur isn't easy, and it is one thing to want to be one, it another to be one and often times we struggle to take a break and enjoy some me-time. 

When stress is left unattended to, and you ignore the warning signs your body is telling you, it can contribute to many health issues such as heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes. 

Remember, your business needs you in good health to thrive. Listen to it. 

Which of these symptoms can you relate to and in what ways have you struggled taking time off your business to recuperate?

About the Author Funmi

Funmi is a Certified Functional Health Coach. She is passionate about helping female entrepreneurs transform from Stress and burnout so they can begin to thrive in their body and, by extension, their businesses. 

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