What Is A Weighted Blanket For and Which One Is Best for You?

What is a weighted blanket for? What does it do? What are the benefits of using one? These are all questions that we will answer in this blog post.

We'll talk about what a weighted blanket is, how to use them, and which ones are best for your needs!

If you are looking for a way to get some restful sleep, then it might be time to invest in a weighted blanket.

What is a weighted blanket for?

A weighted blanket is an extra-thick quilt that has small poly pellets sewn into the fabric of one side.

These poly pellets give the weight needed to provide comfort and calmness during use.

 They also work by increasing serotonin levels, which help with depression and anxiety as well as promote feelings of relaxation.

Weighted blankets are typically used to calm anxiety, stress, and help the user sleep better. They create a sense of tightness and pressure to mimic the feeling you might experience when being hugged.

The typical size is between 14-17 pounds, but some people may need more or less depending on their needs (weight).

If a weighted blanket starts to feel like it is weighing you down, try dropping the weight.

The benefit of this type of product is that they are customisable and adjustable - just move your body parts as needed.

How to use your new weighted blanket

Before buying a new weighted blanket, you should first measure your bed length and width to determine how many pounds of weight you need for the blanket. You can then purchase an appropriate amount, usually in increments of five pounds.

These tips will help inform your decision of which blanket to purchase:

  • What is the size of your bed?
  • What are you seeking to treat (stress, anxiety, insomnia)?
  • What's your budget for a weighted blanket?
  • These three factors will play an important role in choosing which one best suits your needs.

Here are three ways you can use your new weighted blanked:

  • on top of another cover while in bed;
  • under your mattress or fitted sheet for support.
  • used on its own for lounging around the house!

What's right for you depends on how heavy or light you want your

3. Different types of weighted blankets, including benefits for different people 

To further answer the question 'what is a weighted blanket for', it's good for you to know the different types available and their benefits.

Weighted blankets can be made of a variety of materials, including polyester fleece, cotton, wool, linen and down feathers or foam pellets.

Some also have additional features such as being machine-washable or adjustable in size.

It's important to find the right weight for you, and with so many different options available it can be a little tricky.

Some weighted blankets are made of a single material, such as polyester fleece or cotton. Others can be layered with two fabrics to provide additional warmth and comfort.

Weighted blankets are typically made in sizes ranging from Twin to King XXL, and they can range anywhere from 12 pounds up to 100 pounds or more. Which one is best for you?"

What we have found is that there are three basic types:

  • Polyester

The polyester weighted blankets are typically for small children because they are more affordable, durable and easy to wash.

  • Cotton

The Cotton one is best if you want something soft but it is a bit more expensive.

  • Memory foam.

Memory foam ones are for people who need a blanket with more heavy pressure because it can better accommodate some sleeping positions.

What is the best for you depends on your needs and comfort level.

Pros and cons of using a weighted blanket

So far you understand what a weighted blanket is, but you might be wondering about the pros and cons of using one.


  • Weighted blankets offer a sense of calm, security, and comfort.
  • You can relieve stress levels by taking deep breaths while hugging the chest area & releasing serotonin to improve mood. - Weighted blankets can be used for anyone with anxiety disorder, as well as those with depression and PTSD
  • They help improve sleep quality by creating a more comfortable environment that limits disturbance from light or noise while making it easier to fall asleep during stressful times
  • It is also used to increase serotonin and melatonin levels, which can help with regulating sleep
  • It is an effective way for people who have trouble moving their body parts independently of one another (such as those with Parkinson's disease) to remain in a comfortable upright position while ensuring that they are not putting pressure on themselves.


  • The cons include the weight not being evenly distributed when you sleep, which can be too heavy for some people and lead to poor circulation.
  • You should also keep in mind that they are expensive and take up a lot of space so it might not work well if you're looking for something small or already live in a cramped home.

what is a weighted blanket for

6. Common misconceptions about the use of a weighted blanket

As with any product, there are misconceptions around the question- 'what is a weight blanket for'?  and how it can be used.

1. What the weighted blanket does is to help people who suffer anxiety, stress, insomnia, autism and the likes by creating a more comfortable environment that limits disturbance from light or noise while making it easier to fall asleep during stressful times.

What the weight does not do is replace traditional medical treatments for anxiety or depression, such as medication and counselling.

2. Another misconception is that if you are not experiencing any sleep disturbances, there is no point in using a weighted blanket. 

What this fails to take into account is the fact that many people do not have noticeable symptoms of their anxiety or depression and still need help sleeping better at night.

3. A further misconception about weighted blankets has to do with whether they are appropriate for children - and the answer is yes.

What a weighted blanket does for children, just as it does for adults, is to create an environment that helps them sleep better at night during stressful times by limiting disturbance from light or noise and assisting in healthy development of restful sleep patterns.


  • What if I'm not autistic or have ADD/ADHD?

A weighted blanket can still be relaxing for individuals without any of those conditions.

  • What if I'm claustrophobic?

Weighted blankets are not the same as a tight feeling around your body and provide plenty of space to move.

  • What if I'm too hot?

Weighted blankets are designed to stay cooler than other types of bedding.

  • What size weighted blanket do I need?

The best thing is for you and your doctor or therapist to determine what the most appropriate weight range would be, but some general guidelines can include 20% on people who weigh less than 100 pounds and around 100% for people who weigh over 250 pounds.

  • What about kids?

They can use weighted blankets, but the best way would be to have a professional determine what weight range is most appropriate.

  • What if I'm using it on my lap or in a car seat or stroller?

Those are not recommended places to use a weighted blanket, but it does depend on the person.

  • What if I'm using one at night and have roommates?

This isn't actually recommended because they can interfere with your sleep cycle as well as disturb others sleeping in the same room.

  • What will happen if I wash my blanket too often?

Washing your weighted blanket too often - or not following instructions on how to do so correctly - could damage the connection between individual pellets that make up your blanket, which can lead to leaks.

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Final thought on the question - 'what is a weighted blanket for'?

If you are looking for a way to get some restful sleep, then it might be time to invest in a weighted blanket.

These blankets help the body feel grounded and relaxed, which is perfect for people who have trouble sleeping or experience anxiety symptoms when they can’t find their bearings on the bed.

With that said, hope this answered your question about what a weighted blanket is! We also want to let you know that if you still have any questions or comments about these products, please don’t hesitate to share them below!

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