You are the reason behind your business existence, don't make your business rub you of your existence...

Nourish to live, Live to Impact

Sold On Wellness teaches sustainable intentional living strategies over the fast entrepreneurial lifestyle. That means you are mindful of your body and goals and you welcome lifestyle modifications that supports your wellness so you can finally control stress and say bye to burnout. 


Discover how to create deliberate 'On-plate' and 'Off- Plate' Nourishment and become the kind of person that understands how to create balance in life.


Don't be a slave to the 'grinding and hustling' life, create personal and professional healthy productive habits & skills to support your dreams.


This is 'simple' and sweet but requires you SERVE. Real leaders serve, they create impact around them. We'll explore mindset shifts in creating value in life .  

I know you can be checking out and reading some other blogs/websites right now. So what's that good reason for spending your valuable time here on Sold On Wellness instead of being elsewhere, consuming crazy cat gifs (i love them!), memes or the next entertainment breaking news? 

I'll give you three good reasons to be here...(I Hope!) Sold On Wellness stands for three beliefs that are the pillars for everything around the brand. There are three things in my transformational coaching journey for female entrepreneurs that have given me distinction over others. 

So this post is about those three core pillars.

Pillar 1


If you want to move from Striving to Thriving, you've got to first acknowledge the primary vehicle for your success - Your Body!  You and I know the culture of grinding and hustling among entrepreneurs, and oh need I say the 'fake it till you make it' proponents.

There are endless resources (products, books, marketing facts) that cover topics on 'hustling', success in a box, and most even promise cutting edge shortcuts to easy and quick results. This is where I want to step on the brakes for you to draw your attention back to some fundamental realities you can't afford to continue ignoring. 

Becoming an entrepreneur and creating a business does sound complicated, and before you realise what's going on, you've sacrificed yourself, health, wellness, relationships, all in the bid to be successful. Isn't life just more manageable when you can use your money to buy more time (enter in fast food!), apologies for the missed dates by spending your money to buy the 'I am so sorry gifts'... 

Why bother with cooking, meal prepping, attending a family get together, catching up with friends when you are busy building a business and dealing with all the complexities that real businesses face? Why bother with your on-plate and off plate nourishment when you can simply order foods on the go and move on and create business relationships that can add up to your profit and growth only? 

You get the point. There's no shortage of options that tries to encourage fast life or shortcut past real intentional Nourishment. And oh, these options are super enticing! 

However, they are also the primary reasons you fall out of balance with your health and Wellness. On Sold On Wellness, the first pillar is a call to Nourishment. The antidote to fast-pace lifestyle is stepping on the brakes to really focus on what matters first - YOUR NOURISHMENT.

The antidote to fast-pace lifestyle is stepping on the brakes to really focus on what matters first - YOUR NOURISHMENT.

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The many aspects of Nourishment.

By Nourishment, I mean your 'On the Plate Nourishment' and 'Off Plate Nourishment'. 

On the Plate Nourishment is what you have on your plate i.e what you feed your body, What you drink., What you snack on. 

The food on our plate are the Secondary foods, knowing what food causes us stress and how Food can affect our mood will help us begin to address our stressors effectively.  You'll discover in-depth articles around whole foods, organic foods, clean eating and more here...

The second is 'Off Plate Nourishment'. 

Career, Spirituality, Creativity, Finances, Education, Health, Social Life, Joy, Physical activities, Relationships, Home environment are essential forms of nourishment. When these “primary foods” are balanced, we begin to enjoy the nourishment from the foods on our plate. 

Off Plate, Nourishment refers to nurturing other aspects of life that all add to the balance and fulfilment we seek. You can't live life in isolation and so working nurturing your relationships, social life, spirituality, Finances, and the likes are the aspects where once we work on, we will begin to enjoy the benefits of the 'On the Plate' Nourishment. 

I call this Nourishing to Live.

What both of this Nourishment have in common is YOU—your involvement. This is a fundamental reality. You are not losing yourself to your hustle; you are not sacrificing your health to grow your Business, you are not missing at memorable milestones for your children/family, you are not stress eating, you are not just allowing life to happen to you all in the name of 'hustling;! 

You are simply mindful of your Nourishment.

Suppose the only way you feel alive or motivated is because of self-gratification that comes from your successes. In that case, you'll soon realise that you are either lonely or surrounded by those you genuinely can't open up to at the peak of the ladder. 

When you work on your Nourishment and live an intentional life, it becomes easier to find fulfilment and joy in your work or as it's called in entrepreneurship - hustle. 😁 

You are the reason behind your Business existence, do not make your business rub you of your existence, you've got to nourish to live! 

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You are nurturing your life by being mindful - you eat mindfully, you live mindfully, you hustle mindfully. You aren't losing yourself to your Business. Nourishing your life by living intentionally helps you to get through some hardest of times.

It helps you put life and living into perspective. If money is your only motivation in life, you won't last through the 'no money' periods. 

What this comes down to is: living life on the grind isn't sustainable. For most female entrepreneurs, it just leads to chronic stress and burnout. 

Living life on the grind will take you away from the things that matter most in life, about time to start living intentionally.  

Pillar 2

Live Life. Be present and Productive    

We get so caught up with everything in life that it brings us to the point where we forget that our existence is also for us to feel those things that makes life worth living. You want to create moments, stay present through different experiences. So you want to get yourself to the point where you set goals not to be in a box, but so that life isn't happening to you, but you are happening to the life you've got. 

So what goals am I talking about? 

  • Health goals, 
  • Social goals, 
  • Spiritual goals, 
  • Career goals, 
  • Personal goals, 
  • Intellectual goals, 

And of course, you want to accomplish this by being SMART. (Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, Realistic, Timely)

Sure you've probably heard of the SMART process but aren't you curious why you or most of us still struggle in this regard? I feel the problem isn't the lack of information but the lack of action/execution. 

Living Life is:

  • Owning into your authentic self without the titles or descriptions,
  • Spending time on the things matter,
  • Not worrying about insignificant problems, 

The first pillar encourages Nourishment; this second pillar encourages you to Live, i.e., experience life, go for your dreams, and pursue your passion. With the hope you understand that living life devoid of Nourishment can make you feel empty or unwell. 

Making the most of every opportunity in life and enhancing the experiences that could cross your path as an entrepreneur will mean you are:

  • Proactive, 
  • Create Habits to support you 
  • You are mindful of your goals/set goals. 
  • Stay positive 
  • You consistently build on your productivity.
  • You create boundaries
  • Create your opportunities 
  • You are committed to your growth.
  • Aware / discover your life purpose, and you live in alignment with it. 
  • True to who you are 
  • Take action
  • You are clear of your identity. 

And then we circle back to pillar one and pillar 3. Entrepreneurship is hard work, but it shouldn't rob you off enjoying your life. 

Pillar 3

Creating Impact with your Life and Business 

Creating and running a business is demanding and creative work. It's an incredibly challenging task, and to be on top of your game, you must become an extraordinary person. You have to work at developing your character, skills, and mindset to the point where you have: 

  • A stronger drive and motivation 
  • More good initiatives 
  • Progressive work ethic 
  • A more strategic and long term view 
  • More willpower/ resilience/ grit 
  • Leadership skills, 
  • Better communication and 
  • A heart that serves others - One that places creating impact as a key motivation. 

So that's what I meant when I said becoming an extraordinary person. 

As an extraordinary entrepreneur, you need to have a whole skill set, character traits and a heart that beats for people...a serving heart. 

Most entrepreneurs are mostly focused on the cha-ching and do not consider their impact on people and possibly the world. 

The point is you cannot disconnect your skill sets, characters and core values from the failure or success of your Business. However, you can't build a company/business that's highly impactful, effective and focused on paper.   

Skills & Mindset 

On Sold on Wellness, you won't just see posts on creating sustainable habits, grounded positive mindsets, healthy lifestyles, how-tos and tips. I post on becoming more productive, time management, and how to think strategically as an entrepreneur. 

But more importantly for me under this third pillar - creating impact is to provide you with strategies that make you an Impactful Entrepreneur. Business know-how and marketing are never enough. Your skills, habits, mindset, and the impacts you create are just as important. 

Considering this, your mindset, skills, and the lives you touch with the impact you create are assets no one can take away from you. 

Many business changes happen in entrepreneurship; opportunities come and go. Still, if you are excellent at improving your skills, learning new ones, having the right work ethics, the right heart to add values /create impact, you will get by in life. I think of it in terms of building your legacy.

After all is said, done, and achieved, what will you be remembered for? How many lives felt your heartbeat through your initiatives and goodwill?

I say LIVE to Impact. 

I believe this is effective and a sustainable way to balance your life for long-term growth. I am using this for my development as an entrepreneur and a Functional Health coach, and I attribute the progress I'm making to following these pillars.

If you want to learn more about this and you are convinced that you can truly succeed as an entrepreneur without sacrificing your health and Wellness, you are in the right place here on Sold on Wellness. 

I'm pumped to have you here!



As an entrepreneur, I understand that you desire a life that you don't have to retreat from. To achieve that, you need less Stress. The issue here is that you don't have enough time at your disposal, which makes you feel anxious and overwhelmed. 

I believe that every female entrepreneur deserves to recognise their dynamic worth and be confident in who they are without trying out unhealthy 'solutions.' 

I recognise what it's like to feel stressed, exhausted, and overwhelmed to relate with you since I have also hit burnout. This is why I am passionate about helping female entrepreneurs overcome chronic Stress and burnout by creating sustainable lifestyle modifications. 

Funmi Akande


Are you ready to kick Stress off?

And move from striving to Thriving in your body and by extension your Business? I acknowledge how difficult it is to try to do it all and feel like you are being pulled in every direction while you feel challenged by others, who make this entrepreneurship ride look 'effortless.' 

I work with women who find it difficult to make self-care and their health a top priority and as a result, experience Chronic Stress and burnout. 

I encourage and motivate high-achieving female business owners to transform their Stress into success by creating sustainable lifestyle modifications which leads to a thriving business, energy, relationships and a whole new life of balance and happiness. 

I realised the power of coaching out of my personal needs As someone with the 'super-hero and perfectionist' tendencies; I experienced burnout cos of the loads of tasks I have placed on my shoulders. After going through burnout and Adrenal Exhaustion, I realised I needed stress management and lifestyle adjustments. 

Everything felt like they were falling apart cos I couldn't handle things as I would normally do, it felt like I was losing control and that wasn't me. So I pushed myself to work hard, ignoring all the signals my body was giving and had very little rest daily.

I became addicted to Stress. I would get so uncomfortable whenever there's nothing to do. I just had to be doing something all.the.time. I felt out of balance when I wasn't busy I felt terrible when I couldn't give the kind of attention I could to my kids and hubby. 

It was a never-ending cycle.


I felt bad for not exercising or eating proper healthy meals. Can you relate? 



Knowing isn't always enough, taking action and deliberately making one's health a priority is the way to go. My health, relationships, and Business all suffered until I got to the point where I became truthful to myself. There was no way I could live a sustainable healthy life if I don't change. I had to address why I became addicted to Stress and why it felt okay. 

With lessons learnt from my struggles and expertise, I have made this my mission to help fellow female entrepreneurs to overcome chronic stress and burnout. 

I help you create lifestyle modifications first by unlearning specific patterns and habits and creating a unique plan for a sustainable healthy life. There's no one size fits all in my practice. Every woman is unique, our stories are unique, and that's what makes us special, so we must treat our body with special attention and care. 

I must admit being a busy wife and mom of two adorable young kids can leave me 'flat-out' sometimes. However, I am always happy and passionate about sharing ways to manage it all. 

As they say, you can't give what you don't have, a layer to all of this is that you'll see a section on Faith Posts. I believe we are Spirit beings, we live in a body, and we possess a soul...whenever we are spirituality is low, we always feel out of balance and we just can't remove that part of our being. Not sure what your faith is, mine is Christianity so if you love that, you can check the faith post here. 

I look forward to working with you in achieving the success you deserve.

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