Struggling with stress and weight gain?

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Sold on Wellness is about creating sustainable stress and weight management lifestyle for female entrepreneurs through lifestyle modifications.

Get rid of the stress in your life.

Become more productive feel better and have more energy so you can enjoy your life.

Live a happier, healthier life.

Begin to feel less overwhelmed and more in control of your time and create a healthy balance between work, family, and self.

Lose weight without feeling deprived or hungry

Feel less guilt about food because you're eating healthy foods and not overeating, you won't be as stressed out as a result of being overweight

Optimised Self Care Practices

Integrate healthy, positive self-care practices into your everyday life can help prevent burnout and make it easier to get back on track when you do feel stressed or overwhelmed.

Stress and weight gain are inextricably linked. When you're under stress, your body produces the hormone cortisol, which can trigger cravings for unhealthy foods and make it harder to lose weight.

Our lives are constantly filled with stress, and this can contribute to weight gain. But there's so much conflicting information out there about how to manage both at the same time!

The problem is that most of us don't realise that we have a stress-weight connection until we've already gained some unwanted pounds. 

On Sold On Wellness, you will learn more about the connection between stress and weight gain and discover practical ways to reduce your stress levels while simultaneously losing weight.

I know that you have so many demands on your time, with running a business and often taking care of other people in the family too at home. Your day can be packed from waking to bedtime with things we need to get done, which doesn't leave much room for considering our own needs or Wellness."

The only thing more stressful than fighting a battle between stress and weight gain is trying to do both on your own. You don't have to feel like you're in it alone.

I'm here to help and show you how to manage your stress while also taking care of your weight and health.

What will you get here? You will…

  • Learn about the various types of stress and how it impacts you
  • Discover strategies for managing pressure in a healthy way, including techniques that are sustainable over the long term
  • Find out what happens when you don't take care of your goals.
  • How you can use your stress level to make better decisions about what you eat
  • How our resources can help you with Managing emotions and thoughts that lead to overeating, including tips for overcoming food cravings
  • Finding ways to improve sleep patterns
  • Relaxing when it's time to unwind
  • Keeping your stress level low
  • Exclusive articles from experts in various wellness fields such as mindfulness meditation, yoga, nutrition and more…

I will take you through what I can offer for women who want to make lifestyle changes or if they feel like there has been a huge gap between what they envisioned for themselves and what is happening in their lives.

Using my experience as a Functional Nutrition Counsellor, Certified Health Coach, Certified Life Coach, I'll support you in your journey to a healthier, more fulfilled life.

SOW's goal? 

  • Sold on Wellness aims to help female entrepreneurs address the stressors around them and overcome any body issues (i.e. weight, sleep, mindset) to create a sustainable and happy life for themselves. We will explore what it means to be stress-free and find a balance between work, family and personal life.
  • To provide a supportive community where you can find wellness tips, strategies for change, information on sustainable lifestyle modifications, and support your stress & weight management goals. 

Three main aspects to Sold on Wellness

1. Stress and Weight Management Solutions for Female Entrepreneurs.

Stress and weight management are two of the most common problems that seem to follow us throughout life. As a female entrepreneur, the two most common problems are even more prevalent because of the competitive nature of business.

We are always on edge, living with deadlines that never end, and we have little time to take care of ourselves or our family because it feels like there is so much more work to do than ever before. The stress wears us down - sometimes physically and sometimes mentally. We are not able to sleep well, and our weight starts creeping up.

The solution is Wellness, a lifestyle that promotes balance in all areas of life: physical, mental and social. We need time set aside each day or week to address the needs of ourselves first so we can be of the best quality when

2. Balanced Lifestyle Modification.

The first step to managing weight and stress is learning how to create a lifestyle that minimises these factors and leads to long term success in both areas of life for female entrepreneurs. This can be accomplished through sustainable changes, tweaks, or by eliminating certain aspects of your life.

Through our blog, programs and coaching, we will show you how to create a sustainable lifestyle that minimises stress and weight management. We'll also give you the tools necessary for long-term success - whether it be through learning to cook healthy meals or finding time in your day to do something just for yourself!

3. Self Care Practices for female entrepreneurs.

The next aspect is to integrate healthy, positive self-care practices into your everyday life. Stress can be prevented by practising mindfulness and gratitude each day. These two techniques will help you focus on the present moment so that you don't get overwhelmed with all of those worries in the back of your mind. The more time we spend being mindful of the present moment, the less time we spend worrying about things that haven't happened yet or might not happen at all.

Incorporating self-care practices into your everyday life can also help prevent burnout and make it easier to get back on track when you feel stressed or overwhelmed - this is one of our main goals for blog readers and clients.

The Critical Role That Stress Plays In Weight Gain

Stress is fast becoming recognised as one of the most significant factors in weight gain. Stress is often a precursor to emotional eating, which means that when you're feeling stressed, your body might be signalling for more comfort foods than it needs.

The stress hormone cortisol can also affect appetite and cravings by making people crave fat or sweet food options with high-calorie content.

If you are under stress and struggling with weight gain, be sure to explore how stress affects your body and how you can combat it.

These articles are a quick way to start.

Hi, I'm Funmi.

Hi! I'm a certified health coach and Functional Nutrition counsellor. I help female entrepreneurs overcome stress and weight issues through sustainable lifestyles modifications so they can thrive in their bodies and business. It’s time to take back your life, lose weight, have more energy, get healthy for the sake of your health and happiness—and ultimately your success as an entrepreneur.

My clients are women like you - busy entrepreneurs who want to live the best version of themselves but struggle with stress and weight management or balancing healthy eating with all the other demands in their lives. Together we'll find solutions that will help you feel better both physically AND mentally (mindset-wise) and set you on a path to self-care that will last.

Are you ready to kick stress off?

I know it’s hard to keep up with everything that comes with running your own business: answering emails, finishing projects, keeping up with product orders, and constantly juggling deadlines… but there are things you can do to help yourself thrive in the midst of all this craziness. 

In life and business, everything happens in a cycle- success builds momentum which leads back to more success, but sometimes the circumstances can become too much for us to handle. This is where a health coach like me steps in. Elevating your lifestyle modifications so you can go on living and enjoying life with ease while building your dreams, that's what we're all about!

I know how tough it feels living in an overstimulated world without ever feeling at peace and my goal is to ease the journey a little bit by providing women entrepreneurs like you fun ways to combine fitness, nutrition, coaching services with awesome personalisation. 

I have helped clients with day-to-day decision making in order to find the balance they need between work/life so that their bodies can enjoy the success as well and here on my blog, I share much more.

My approach doesn't prescribe generic lifestyle changes because the only one size that fits all in our practice is your unique needs.

I've learned how to balance life and work with my two young children. I'm happy to share the essentials of maintaining a healthy lifestyle while being a busy parent.

I believe we are Spirit beings, we live in a body, and we possess a soul...whether our spiritual life is high or low, it always impacts the way we feel. If you identify with this wavelength, please explore the faith posts here. 

Welcome to Sold On Wellness, I'm looking forward to working with you to achieve the success you deserve.

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