From tackling personal tasks to the business task, things can get pretty stressful if left unmanaged because the expectations that we create for ourselves can become overwhelming. 

Sometimes the best way out of overwhelm isn't to create solutions that when looked critically, is complex. Simplicity can look mundane, but it's very effective. 

When you feel overwhelmed daily, the next solution is to declutter And by that I mean physical and mind decluttering. 

The goal is to simplify your processes and tasks so you can become more productive. 

So, here are 11 simple habits that can help you achieve more with less stress daily. 

Start your day the night before

Rather wait for the mornings to plan out your to-dos, try doing that the evening before. 

This helps you kickstart your morning on a good note. You will wake up knowing what to start with and things That follow. In planning your day out remember to keep it simple. 

 Be an early bird(ie)

Take control of your time and manage your energy throughout the day by not putting pressure on yourself. Stop rushing down for appointments and school runs. 

If you do school runs in the morning, this applies as well, keep your mornings calm and collected, so you aren't agitated from the first few hours of the morning.

Set out your time, so you arrive appointments 10mins earlier. This keeps you relaxed, in control of yourself, and you can manage your energy better.

Stop multitasking, seriously. 

Gone are the days when multitasking looked like you are super-efficient. Cos while it seemed(keyword: seemed) things were under control. 

They actually weren't. You can't do many things at the same time and achieve a quality result. Period. 

You are not going to a medal for multitasking, but you sure can get one from a quality work done with focus and clarity. Don't be hard on yourself. 

Pick one thing to do at a time, focus on that and give it your best shot. Every other thing can wait till you are done with that one crucial task. 

Keep distractions away

Distractions can come in various ways, and the sneakiest ones we have is right there on our computer/phones. 

One-click on an incoming email can take you through all the social media without you realising time is ticking by 'faster'. 

If possible, set a pattern for when you check your emails and social media. 

My suggestion is to keep checking your emails and social media till after work when you are just chilling. 

If your emails can't wait till evenings by the nature of your work, plan a time to glance through and get back to work ASAP.

All social media should wait until after work. 

 Focus on solutions rather than problems is the cup half empty or half full? Your perspective on the issue will determine how soon it's resolved. 

A positive disposition opens your mind to many more possibilities. A negative perspective saps energy off you and makes you struggle to tackle the issue. 

As an entrepreneur, you will have to face issues that will put this to test. There's no better way to say this, be solution-oriented. 

Eat Lunch slowly

So you've started your day fine, and managed your time, mind and energy, and it's lunchtime! A new challenge for you is to change how you view lunchtime, now see it as relaxation time. 

I'm known as a slow eater, and even at that, I needed to work at being mindful about what I'm eating. 

However, You can eat slowly and not be mindful, what I'm proposing is be mindful of every morsel in your mouth, if possible dropped your fork while chewing. 

This exercise helps you reboot for the next half of your day so enjoy a slow lunchtime. Don't rush your food. 



Mindfully keep thing so simple

If at any time during the day you find yourself overthinking a task, ask yourself, how do I keep this simple. Simplicity isn't equal to mediocrity. That's the mindset shift that needs to occur for us entrepreneurs. 

Complicating things to make you busy doesn't result in productivity. The concept of less is more reigns supreme here. 

When you don't overthink tasks, you allow your mind to think clearly. 

Ask for help when needed.

As an entrepreneur, you naturally feel like you can manage 'pressure' and as many tasks as possible. Errrm let's say that's true for you, sis, if you most things yourself, you are going to burn out sooner than you think. 

If you haven't by now, you are probably showing signs and symptoms of stress. 

Ask for help when you need it, you will be surprised at how receptive And helpful people can be. If you struggle with asking for help, ask the 'sweetheart' types. 

Set boundaries between work and your personal life.

One of the ways to enjoy a balanced life is to manage your time between work and personal life. 

One aspect shouldn't suffer because of the other. Because you are your boss shouldn't make you work from dusk to dawn. 

Set a time limit for when work stops every day. Some suggest 7 pm, and I also work with that these days. From 6 pm I start winding down, and it's helped how I feel. 

Maintain a healthy regime.

In light of keeping things simple, I'll say EXERCISE, SLEEP & EAT HEALTHY. When you exercise daily, you will sleep well and feel better, when you eat healthy your body flourishes, combine the three and you get a fabulous lady boss! 

Those three look like the typical thing every one of us knows, but the point is committing to them for your own good. 

Concluding thought

If there's one thing that's helped me right now, it's not multitasking and keeping things simple. These habits will require time and discipline to get use to but once you stick to it, you will see remarkable results. 

Have you tried or struggled with any of these habits? Let's get the conversation going. Share your thoughts in the comment section. 


About the Author Funmi

Funmi is a Certified Functional Health Coach. She is passionate about helping female entrepreneurs transform from Stress and burnout so they can begin to thrive in their body and, by extension, their businesses. 

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