What is An Exercise Routine? How To Create A Sustainable Weight Loss Routine

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What is an exercise routine seems like a question that has an obvious answer; however, most people don't know what an exercise routine typically entails.

There are so many different choices for what types of exercises you can do, and what time of day you should work out. We will cover all these aspects in this article!

In this blog post, you will learn what an exercise routine is, what it does for your body, what types of exercises are involved in a fitness plan, why it's important to get the right kind of exercise for your health needs .

What is an exercise routine?

An exercise routine is what you do to stay fit.

A routine can include what activities you do, what time of day you exercise, what type of exercises or equipment you use and how often you work out each week.

Some people have very specific routines that they follow without fail, while others like to mix up their schedule depending on what kind of mood they're in.

Benefits of having an exercise routine

what is an exercise routine

The benefits of having an exercise routine are endless.

The most important benefit of having an exercise routine is that it can help prevent many diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Exercise helps your body function better because the blood flows more easily throughout your system when you are active. It also reduces stress levels which will reduce anxiety or depression symptoms dramatically overall.

A regular workout can also help with sleep disorders and can be a natural way to increase self-esteem.

It would help if you created an exercise routine that will work for your body to stay healthy.

It's always best to consult your physician before starting on any new fitness program so they can give you advice about what exercises are best for what kind of health condition you have.

How to establish a workout schedule

what is an exercise routine

A good way to establish a workout schedule is by creating a plan that includes what days and times you will work out. It's important not to overschedule yourself but also not to put your workouts off for too long periods of time. Finding what the best number for weeks in advance is going to work best for you can be done by what is an exercise routine

A good way to find the right number of weeks in advance that will work out just right for your schedule is to take what you know about your schedule and the busiest days.

If those two don't match up, then that will definitely be a factor in how many weeks ahead of time you should have planned workouts, so add what weekdays are busy on your calendar with what types of exercise routines will work best with this information.

Steps to planning an exercise routine

  • Get started on an exercise routine by first setting your goals and deciding what exercises will best help you reach those goals.
  • Then pick out some workout clothes and put them in a place where you are likely to see them.
  • Pick out what equipment or tools you'll need for the exercises and what you will eat during your workout.
  • Lastly, set up an alarm on your phone with a reminder of when it's time to work out again so that you won't miss another day!

For example:

what activities do you do: cycling, running, weightlifting

what time of day do you want to exercise: early morning, after work or before bed

what type of exercises and equipment do you use: free weights vs machines

how often you would like to work out each week: three times a week or five days a week

How to find the motivation to do your workouts

what is an exercise routine
  1. A really simple way to find your motivation is through what you're wearing. Wear what you're going to exercise in again the next day. Putting on your workout clothes will also help remind you of what it was like that last time you wore them and what you accomplished. You might even feel a bit more excited about working out for the day.
  2. Find what you're most excited about doing in your workout - maybe it's lifting weights or running on the treadmill. Figure out what this exercise is, and then plan to do it first in your workout. For example: what are you most excited about doing in the morning? Running on a treadmill or lifting weights. Then, schedule running or weightlifting as the first thing you will do when starting an exercise routine so that each day starts with what you are most excited about.
  3. Finally, another great way to find motivation is by setting small but achievable goals like running up a flight of stairs without stopping - as well as what you'll do when you accomplish them.

Include what you'll do when you accomplish these goals to keep yourself motivated and engaged:

  • When I run up a flight of stairs without stopping, I will walk up to another one right after that!
  • When I can fit into my old clothes, then I will wear them out to dinner!
  • When I can run a full mile without stopping or slowing down, then what's next? Running longer distances.

The importance of staying consistent when you're just starting out

what is a burpee exercise

Many people start an exercise routine and stop after a few weeks because they're not consistent.

When you first start your routine, it can take time to build up your stamina and strength, so it's important to stick with what you've set out for yourself. 

Eventually, though, what started as a chore will become enjoyable.

I still remember what a drag it was when I first began my workout routine; now, I enjoy the long-term benefits that come with physical activity.

Tips for getting started with working out 

  • Figure out what your goal is. Is it weight loss, stress relief, or general health and wellness?
  • If you can't find what type of workout routine you prefer, try starting with the basics: start by doing a few exercises and building your way up to what feels right for you.
  • Start with what you feel comfortable doing - don't push yourself to do things that make you uncomfortable or too difficult.
  • Find what works for you. Before you get started, it is important to consider what kind of exercise routine will work best for your lifestyle. For some people, this might mean joining a gym and paying monthly fees, while others prefer the convenience of at-home workouts such as running or using an elliptical machine in their home.

If you are looking for something that doesn't require a big investment, consider what you can do in your home. For example, try adding some resistance training exercises to a cardio workout routine with bodyweight or inexpensive equipment such as dumbbells or exercise bands.

The more often and the harder you work out, the faster you will start seeing results! It's also important to know what exercises are best for what type of workout routine (i.e., cardio, resistance training, or flexibility) and what type of equipment you have available at your disposal.

What I am currently working on is a mix between weightlifting, cardio, and resistance training. This allows me to use different muscles throughout the week while also challenging my muscles in new ways. What I like most about this kind of workout is that it's never boring because I keep my muscles guessing what's coming next.

Tips on how you can make working out enjoyable and not boring 

what is an exercise routine
  1. Incorporate what interests you into what type of workout routine that you are doing. For example, if you are into video games, try playing an active video game or cycling on an

    How to create your own workout routine

    Step 1

    Identify what your goals are and focus on that aspect of the workout. Is this a weight loss plan? A toning or muscle building routine? Do you want more energy, increased flexibility, better sleep quality?

    Step 2

    Chose what type of exercises you want based on the goal or goals you identified in the first step. For example, if sleep quality was one of your goals, find out what types of exercises are known to help with sleep quality.

    Step 3

    choose what time you will do it and how long the workout should last.

    Step 4

    Figure out where you can complete this plan. Do you have what you need? Equipment, time, space, and flexibility are all things to consider.

    Step 5:

    The final step in creating your own fitness plan is tracking how well it works with a form of measurement to help make changes and improvements if necessary. You can track weight, measurements, sleep quality or any other aspect of what was agreed upon as goals. The goal should be what to measure.

    Now that you have created your own fitness plan, it's time to stick with it! This will help push through any obstacles and keep you on track for the result of a healthier lifestyle.

    An example workout:

    Monday: Strength Training

    Tuesday: Cardio Training

    Wednesday: Rest Day

    Thursday: Strength Training

    Friday: Cardio Training

    Saturday and Sunday - Rest Days.

Deeper Dive:

August 25, 2021

July 26, 2021

Why it's important to have a variety of exercises in your regimen.

What is an exercise routine

Exercise is a great way to improve your mood, cardiovascular health and strength. But what if you don't have a variety of exercises in your regimen?

The body needs to change up what it does to strengthen all different muscles.

If you only do one type of exercise, then those same muscles will be continuously exercised, which will lead to what is called "muscle confusion."

There are a lot of different exercises that you can do for every muscle group.

If you're looking to focus on the upper body and shoulders, then some great choices might be push-ups or using weights at home by doing lateral raises with lightweight in each hand.

For the back, a good exercise to use might be what is called "Spiderman", where you heel walk on your tippy-toes.

And for the bottom body, try using weights at home by doing squats or lunges with lightweight in each hand.

Other exercises that may work well are climbing stairs and going up/down an escalator. You can also do what is called "circuit training", where you will go to different stations with various equipment and perform a set of exercises at each station before moving on to the next one.

If you need more inspiration, some great online videos show what type of exercises work best for certain muscle groups or areas of the body.

The rule of thumb is to have at least three exercises per muscle group in your regimen and be sure that you're alternating what type of exercise you do for each muscle, so it doesn't get too used to what it's doing. So if Monday was a day where you did bicep curls with weights at home and then went for a jog afterwards, Tuesday should be the opposite.

what is an exercise routine

Examples of exercises for beginners 

Examples of great exercises for beginners or those who don't like the idea of going to the gym would be taking a walk, going upstairs, doing pilates, and using an exercise bike.

Final thoughts on the question - What is an exercise routine?

You now know that it's not just one type of workout, and there are many different considerations to make before starting your fitness plan.

We hope you had a great time reading this article! If you have any questions or comments, please share them with us below.

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