55 Keto breakfast Recipes For the Busy Entrepreneur

by Funmi // in Recipes

You are on a keto diet, and you feel overwhelmed by the changes you have to make and some meals you have to learn to cook. 

The carbs, fats, nutrients, weight-loss considerations, all feels like too much. 

As a busy entrepreneur, I know you want to get into the kitchen well prepared and not clueless so you can make meals and get going with your "to-dos".

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it's best not to skip it. 

These 55 keto breakfast recipes will give you some ideas to get you excited about making breakfast. Enjoy!

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1. Salmon stuffed Avocados 

Picture & Recipe: The Nourished Caveman

When it comes to your blood glucose level, you don't want to skip breakfast. 

Breakfast along with dinner are your two pillars for building the foundation of a healthy blood glucose. Thinking of healthy fats? How about fats stuffed in this avocado recipes!  

2. Keto Breakfast Burger with Avocado Buns

Recipe & Picture by: Zoe Raissakis

If you are searching for ways to improve your metabolism and burn calories, this low-carb keto avocado breakfast burger is one you want to try.

As Zoe pointed out - Eat with a knife and fork. This recipe can get messy but you'll enjoy it.

3. Keto Taco Breakfast Skillet

Recipe & Picture: PEACE, LOVE, AND LOW CARB

Having a healthy breakfast on hand that you can just heat up like this Keto taco Breakfast Skillet over the weekend can be a lifesaver on those hectic weekday work mornings. 

4. Breakfast BLT Salad 

Recipe & Picture: SkinnyTaste

Thinking of a quick one-dish breakfast high on nutrients and less prep time? Then you can have this Salad for breakfast.

Fun thing is this Breakfast BLT Salad can be eaten anytime of the day.  This recipes calls for Eggs and bacon served on massaged kale salad with tomatoes and avocado.

5. Baked Eggs with Bacon, Greens, and Hollandaise

Recipe & Picture: Against All Grain

This is a special recipe with egg and Paleo Hollandaise sauce.

The interesting thing about this method is that the tops of the whites cook to perfectly, but the yolk is left soft and runny. Feel free to add whatever fillings you desire.

6. Creamy Kale Baked Eggs

Recipe & Picture: Health Starts in the Kitchen

This recipes will encourage you to add more veggies to your breakfast.

It is a fun way to use up some kale. You will enjoy putting together this meals with the liberty of omitting diary if you have to.

7. Paleo Breakfast Pizza

Recipe & Picture: Skinny Fitalicious

Although it reads Paleo pizza, this recipe can be stiched up with  your own preferred keto toppings to make pizza.

It is Made with a simple coconut egg crust , topped with fresh veggies and cracked eggs, absolutely perfect, easy meal for any time of day!

8. Creamy Cauliflower & Ground Beef Skillet

Recipe & Picture: The Healthy Foodie

 This Creamy Cauliflower and Ground Beef Skillet is the kind of dish that is very calorie dense, a lil' will go a long way for you.

This one-pan recipe nestles eggs into a skillet of beef and cauliflower and sprinkled with avocado for a hunger-stomping breakfast.

9. Raspberry Chia Pudding

Recipe & Picture: Keto Diet App

Chia pudding is great for the ketogenic diet. It's high in healthy fats and help you not get hungry fast.  

It is  perfect for breakfast, desserts or snacks.

10. Prosciutto Wrapped Avocado Egg

Recipe & Picture: PaleoHacks

Start your day with this prosciutto-wrapped avocado egg, loaded with omega-3, protein and healthy fatty acids - all you need for a nutritious breakfast.

Best part, it is a one-dish breakfast!

11. Hot and Spicy Cauliflower Fritters

Recipe & Picture: PaleoHacks

If you are looking for a versatile keto-friendly ingredient, Cauliflower is one you want to get hold of. These fritters are loaded with veggies and they are low carb! 

According to PaleoHacks  you can  try nutritional yeast in soups or stews to add flavor and help thicken the broth.

12. Liver Sausage and Eggs

Recipe & Picture: PaleoPlan

Organ meats can be tough on the stomach although they are packed with nutrients. These blend - pork and beef with liver, with tasty seasoning is a hearty and filling combo of healthy fats and proteins.

Guess what you can even make the sausage patties ahead and stored in the refrigerator until you are ready to cook them.

13. Ground Beef, Eggs, and Avocado Breakfast Bowl

Recipe & Picture: The Healthy Foodie

Black olives, mushrooms and paprika combo makes this a perfect low-carb meal. 

while this one-skillet breakfast might not be super exotic , it is one breakfast to satisfy you and get you starting your day right. 

14. Bacon and Egg Muffins

Recipe & Picture: Savory Lotus

If you love Bacon, this recipe can turn out to be one of your favorite breakfast foods. These Bacon and Egg Muffins are a great way to start the day. 

The recipe is simple, using pastured eggs,  local bacon and a bit of spinach to add some Greens.

15. Brussels Sprouts Hash with Eggs 

Recipe & Picture: Food For My Family

This is a recipe to turn Brussels into breakfast using Brussels sprouts with bacon, chopped as a hash and topped with eggs.

Brussels sprouts are great for detoxifying to help keep your liver healthy and what way is it to start the day with this Fibre filled veggies!

16. Dijon Pork Breakfast skillet 

Recipe & Picture: Holistically Engineered

As a busy mom, this is one of the keto breakfast recipes you can make using one pan.  It’s so quick and doesn’t require a lot of prep. 

Switch up your typical bacon and eggs with this delicious mustard-infused pork skillet with zucchini and mushrooms 

17. Coconut Flour Porridge Breakfast Cereal

Recipe & Picture: Low Carb Maven

This is a simple warming coconut flour porridge for those chilled mornings.

It is a low carb breakfast cereal which comes together in minutes giving you a fast keto, grain-free breakfast option.

18. Egg Roll-Ups

Recipe & Picture: The Castaway Kitchen

Enough of plain flat eggs in the pan! this egg roll will get you rockin' your morning. 

Its allows you to play with any of these- Bacon. Arugula. Oh, Basil, Mayo. cashew cream Salt, Pepper, mustard, Avocado.

19. Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Salmon

Recipe & Picture: Paleo Foodie Kitchen

Smoked salmon is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that are good for every fiber of your being.

A morning serving of Omega-3s, especially when paired with protein-rich eggs, is a perfect way to start your day.

20. Nutrient Dense Fisherman’s Eggs

Recipe & Picture: The Nourished Caveman

If you are a big fan of easy meals, especially breakfast then this one of the Keto breakfast recipes to try. 

It is delicious breakfast that packs a punch of nutrients! In just 15 minutes (prep time inclusive) breakfast is ready! 

keto breakfast recipes

21. Keto Avocado Smoothie with Coconut Milk, Ginger, and Turmeric

Recipe & Picture: Low Carb Maven

This keto avocado smoothie made with ginger and turmeric is very rich and creamy.

It is a detox smoothie, sugar free, high in good fats and its high in anti-inflammatory and antioxidants properties. It's perfect for those on a healthy low carb keto diet. 

22. Spicy Shrimp Omelette

Recipe & Picture: Tasteaholics

This is quick, easy breakfast, just throw in those shrimps with the eggs and you will be pleased with the results!

Feel free to add as much spices as you enjoy, shrimp love cayenne and paprika!

23. White Chocolate Fat Bombs

Recipe & Picture: Low Carb Yum

This recipe is a keto version of a white chocolate truffle. 

If you are in need of an extra lil' fat on your low carb high fat keto diet, try this white chocolate keto fat bombs recipe. It’s fast and simple to make with 3 ingredients.

25. Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus Dipped in Soft-Boiled Egg

Recipe & Picture: PaleoHacks

This keto breakfast recipe is zero carbs!  You can up your breakfast game with this combo of prosciutto-wrapped asparagus, made to crispy perfection and dipped in a rich, soft boiled egg.

26. Coconut Cherry Vanilla Smoothie

Recipe & Picture: Everyday Maven

Start your morning with  this refreshing, Vegan and totally Sugar-Free frozen treat.

It is a burst of antioxidants and healthy fats from the cherry and coconut milk.

27. Creamy Shrimp and Bacon Skillet

Recipe & Picture: The Nourished Caveman

Picky eater? You might just love this recipe! It is a quick, easy and very satisfying.

Talk about shrimp bacon,  some tasty mushrooms (for Vitamin D) combo! 

29. Cauliflower and Bacon Hash

Recipe & Picture: Paleo Leap

Get your keto game stronger with a boost of fiber from this recipe. 

Imagine the juicy sizzle of bacon hitting a hot pan and the rich aroma of onions frying in the bacon fat...(salivating already? lol)

30. Scotch Eggs

Recipe & Picture: Paleo Grubs

Need a double protein boost? Enter in this protein bomb!

While this recipe tells you to serve them warm, you can actually dig your scotch eggs a number of ways.

31. Zucchini Prosciutto Egg Muffins

Recipe & Picture: Downshiftology

To enjoy a simple and tasty breakfast, try Egg muffins, they are healthy and this recipe is packed with veggies and is dairy-free, paleo, keto and whole30 friendly.

This keto breakfast recipe can be made ahead and refrigerated or frozen. 

32. Coconut Flour Pancakes

Recipe & Picture: The Mermaid with Muscles

This is one recipe you want to start your Saturday mornings with, the cool hint is that the recipe calls for 7 ingredients, which you most likely have in your pantry. 

So, if you are dreaming of a big stack of warm keto pancakes, try this recipe.

33. Keto Bagels

Recipe & Picture: Gimme Delicious

This low carb keto breakfast recipe is made with 5 ingredient without sugar or butter.

These bagels make the BEST keto sandwiches at under 8g carb per bagel and are ready in 30 minutes!

34. Cheesy Ham Hash Egg Cups

Recipe & Picture: I Breathe I’m Hungry

If you are looking for ways to use up your leftover ham, this keto breakfast recipe is one to try. 

These cheesy ham hash egg cups are delicious, kid friendly, and make a great breakfast all week long!

35. Keto Blueberry Muffins

Recipe & Picture: Food Faith Fitness

These Low Carb Sugar Free Keto Blueberry Muffins are made with Almond Flour. They are tender plus gluten free. Yum!

Its so Perfect for breakfast or snacks!

36. Keto Paleo Bread

Recipe & Picture: The Stone Soup

this keto friendly bread is good way to start your day. 

Made with Coconut flour, and three other ingredients. You'll love it! 

37. Peanut Butter Granola

Recipe & Picture: All Day I Dream About Food

Enjoy Granola even on a low card diet. this recipe will satisfy your cravings. No deprivation! 

This keto breakfast recipe  will become an instant favorite. The whole family will enjoy this grain-free and sugar-free cereal recipe.

38. Keto Yogurt

Recipe & Picture: Fat for Weight Loss.

This homemade Keto Yogurt is super tasty by You can also make it with normal whole cows milk, as the bacteria consumes most of the naturally occurring sugars, known as lactose.

39. Easy Ketogenic Breakfast Tacos

Recipe & Picture: Perfect Keto.

if you are a keto diet beginner. Breakfast might seem like the most challenging meal of your day.

However making a keto breakfast is no different than preparing any other meal. Focus on your macros, use more of nutrient-dense foods.

40. Sweet Potato Toast with Egg

Recipe & Picture: Seasonal Cravings

This keto breakfast recipe is made of Sweet Potato Toast and Egg combo is a hearty, wholesome meal that will keep you going until lunch.  

The toast is topped with avocado, greens and sunny side up eggs.  

41. Cinnamon Twists

Recipe & Picture: All Day I Dream About Food

This low card recipe is makde with a secret ingredient, sugar free and grain-free.

These little pastries is a sure treat to start your day.

42. Portobello Egg Toast

Recipe & Picture: Paleo Gluten Free Eats.

This recipe is made with roasted tomatoes, portobello mushrooms.

 Basically, you can make the egg how you want. You can cook the portobello more… or less. Don't try it cold though, its not that nice when cold.

43. Keto Banana Bread

Recipe & Picture: Meraadi.

Looking fo keto bread substitutes? This delicious keto banana bread recipe is a great substitute and it’s sure to replace your cravings for regular bread.

If you are on a low carb diet, this is a Winner for you.  

44. Low-Carb Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Muffins

Recipe & Picture: REAL BALANCED

This another keto breakfast recipe that is low-Carb. It is a perfect keto-friendly baked good to enjoy for breakfast!

It is diary and nut-free. Enjoy!

45. Low Carb Pumpkin Bagels


Low Carb Pumpkin Bagels are grain free, starch free, nut free, with dairy free and paleo options.

These are tasty served with butter, cream cheese or coconut butter. Try to refrigerating them overnight before slicing in half and serving.

46. Keto Cannoli Stuffed Crepes

Recipe & Picture: I BREATHE I’M HUNGRY

While these Keto Cannoli Stuffed Crepes are lacking the crispy shell, they are super satisfying substitute for the real thing, Plus they won’t kick you out of ketosis.

47. Keto Breakfast Burrito Bowl

Recipe & Picture: KETOGASM

This low carb, keto breakfast burrito bowl recipe will satisfy the most sinister of Tex-Mex cravings.

This recipe was born from tossing a few taco night leftovers with scrambled eggs.

48. 2-Minute Low-Carb English Muffins

Recipe & Picture: HOW TO THIS AND THAT

This quick and easy Low Carb English Muffin can be made in under 5 minutes. (from start to finish!)

It’s grain free, gluten free, low carb and oh so yummy!

49. “Noatmeal“

Recipe & Picture: HEALTHY SWEET EATS

This Low Carb Oatmeal is a hearty warm breakfast that can be made on the stovetop for a healthy, quick breakfast that only has 5g net carbs per serving.

50. 30-Minute Cinnamon Roll Knots

Recipe & Picture: GNOM GNOM

Do you have thirty mins and craving cinnamon rolls? Try this easy and delicious gluten free, keto cinnamon roll knots in a jiffy! 

Just 2g net carbs a pop.

51.  Low-Carb No Egg Breakfast Bake with Sausage and Peppers

Recipe & Picture: KALYN’S KITCHEN

Low-Carb No Egg Breakfast Bake with Sausage and Peppers is a tasty low-carb or Keto breakfast without eggs.

It is also Gluten free.

52. Keto French Toast Sticks

Recipe & Picture: HOW TO THIS AND THAT

This Keto French Toast Sticks are a great make ahead, freezer recipe that you can enjoy all week long.

Just pop them in the microwave or oven to reheat and breakfast is ready! 

53.  Cinnamon Keto Granola

Recipe & Picture: KETO CONNECT

Whether or not you love granola you will love this recipe, Now you can take it on the go, eat it dry or treat it like keto granola cereal!

54.  Apple Fritters

Recipe & Picture: FOREST AND FAUNA

if you've got some apple in your fridge and need to snack, this recipe can be made with diced fresh apple or wild huckleberries.

You can serve them warm or after fully cooled.

55. Low Carb Toasted Coconut Donuts

Recipe & Picture: SUGAR-FREE MOM

These keto breakfast recipe is a Low card toasted coconut donuts, they are healthy & will keep you on track with your macros! 

Homemade caramel in 30 seconds and toasted coconut take these over the top.

I hope you enjoyed this and will try them out, I think you will love to check this 70+ keto Slow Cooker Recipes out as well. Which of the recipes above is your favourite?

About the author 


Funmi is a Certified Functional Health Coach. She is passionate about helping female entrepreneurs transform from Stress and burnout so they can begin to thrive in their body and, by extension, their businesses.

  • Stratos K says:

    Who said you cannot enjoy food without calories. I see a lot of tasty and interesting recipes you provide there and I would definitely like to try a few of them. I like salmon very much so these salmon stuffed avocados look very tasty. I would like to give them a try. I have saved this article for future use. You just made me hungry!!!

    • LOL @ making you hungry! I think that was part of the plan as well! yay! A big virtual high five to a fellow salmon lover! Salmons are D-I-V-I-N-E! Let me know how tasty the meals are when you finally make them. 

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    • Awww, Thanks Ayodeji! Your feedback means a lot. I appreciate it. 

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    • Hey Kat, I am so excited you are spoiled for choice! that was part of the plan. Hopefully, as you try not to skip breakfast, you will come to realize how energized and healthier your body becomes. Stay healthy, Be Happy! xx

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