What is An Under Desk Treadmill – Why It Could Work For Busy Entrepreneurs

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What is an under desk treadmill and why it could work for busy female entrepreneurs? Many of today's entrepreneurs work in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment where sitting at a desk for hours on end is inevitable.

This leads to what's known as "sitting disease". This can happen when too much time is spent in the seated position. It causes blood circulation to slow down and becomes more difficult for people with poor cardiovascular health.

Sitting also increases your risk of developing obesity because it limits the time you spend on what's known as "NEAT" (non-exercise activity thermogenesis).

This article will explore the benefits are to adding an exercise treadmill to your office space, as well as other possible questions you might have and what it might do for you as a busy female entrepreneur.

What is an under desk treadmill?

An under desk treadmill is a piece of equipment that is used to simulate walking.

It can provide people with the movement their body needs for health and wellness without having to take up any space on a person’s floor, or leave one's desk.

One major benefit an under desk treadmill is that it doesn't take up any space in a person's office, and can be used while one is working.

It also helps people maintain good posture since you can use your weight as resistance and not put a lot of pressure on your lower back.

An under desk treadmill can be what busy female entrepreneurs need because they would not want their offices looking cluttered and it is what they can use while maintaining a professional appearance.

It's an excellent way to burn calories and stay active throughout the day without taking up too much space or time for what it does. Likewise, they're also great because most people don't have enough free time to put in their schedules anymore.

There are many benefits associated with adding this type of device to your office space, including the following:

Weight loss.

We all know that sitting for long periods of time is bad for our health and what's worse than being overweight?

Neck pain and back pain

Neck pain and back pain can be avoided because you're getting up from a chair more often throughout the day. This also goes along with better circulation.

Get a workout in while you work.

You're also getting a chance to get up and take some steps because what if you were sitting at home on the couch? It's not like you can just start walking around or your dog will be so happy!

Benefits of adding a desk treadmill to your office space

Increase productivity.

There's something really satisfying about getting your work done and being able to walk at the same time. You'll be amazed what you can get accomplished in a shorter amount of time because you're not sitting for hours on end!

A convenient way to exercise.

It doesn't matter what type of office you have, an under desk treadmill is easy to set up and takedown. You can set it up for what looks like a break or you could even have one that's permanently installed into your desk.

Increase creativity and focus.

Too much sitting has been shown to be bad for the brain so getting on a treadmill while at work is actually good for you!

Walking in place will help increase blood flow which means more creative juices flowing.

Opportunity for some cardio exercise

The main benefit is that you're getting an opportunity for some cardio exercise while at work in what would otherwise be sitting time.

You'll also notice weight loss, less neck and back pain as well increased creativity and focus!

what is an under desk treadmill

How much does it cost and what are the options available?

Adding an under desk treadmill to your office space is actually not very expensive.

Depending on what you're looking for, there's something out there for everyone!

You can get one that will last forever or have a temporary option if you just need it for some extra movement while at work.

Below are the options available options under £299.99

Check out the options under £499.99

Deeper Dives:

August 25, 2021

July 26, 2021

What you need to know before buying one

1. Space

Make sure that what you're getting is actually going to fit in the office and be able to move with your furniture as needed. You don't want it taking up a lot of extra room or getting in your way for what would otherwise just be more work!

2. Office floor Surface

You'll find desk treadmills that are for carpet and what's called hard floor. If you have a lot of carpets in the office, get what will work best with what type of surface you're on!

3. Affordability

if it's just to get some extra steps in, then a cheap version will do. If you're looking for one that is more high-end and has features like adjustable height or incline, expect to spend $$$$

A cheap desk treadmill might not have all of the features and perks of high-end models; however, for lighter use, what you'll get should be suitable

4. Work habits

If the majority of your day is spent sitting at a desk and all you want is to fit in some extra steps during lunch or after dinner, then buying an expensive treadmill may not be necessary. However, if most days consist of irregular hours where it's hard to predict what your day will look like, then a more expensive option may be worth the investment.

5. Your Type of Desk

If what you're getting is going to be something that sits right in the middle of your workspace, make sure it's not too heavy or bulky. You don't want this thing taking up more room than it should.

6. Exercises best suited for an under desk treadmill

This all depends on what you're looking for and what your capabilities are. Some people might be new to exercise or not have the time so it's best if what you get is something that offers a lower intensity workout (like light walking) while others may want more intense workouts like running!

The bottom line is whether or not a desk treadmill is right for you depends on what you need it for and what features are most important to you. If getting in some extra steps during sporadic hours of work is all that's needed, there are cheaper versions that will get the job done. However, if what's most important is a sturdy device with features like adjustable height or incline, you should expect to spend at least $500.

Under Desk TreadMills under £499.99

Final Thought on the question - What is an under desk treadmill?

Not only will a desk treadmill allow you to maintain a healthy posture, but it can be used as an additional workstation. What are your thoughts on the benefits of adding a desk treadmill? Leave us a comment below!




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Funmi is a Certified Functional Health Coach. She is passionate about helping female entrepreneurs transform from Stress and burnout so they can begin to thrive in their body and, by extension, their businesses.

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