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 I help female entrepreneurs

Achieve Their Stress and Weight Management Goals

I do this so they can reclaim their energy, focus and motivation. This means being more effective in business, being a better mum/wife/daughter/sister...and feeling much better about themselves.

Stress Management:

Tips on how you can manage your stressors, beat the body clock and adopt a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Weight Management:

Tips on how you can lose weight in a healthy way, improve your mood and body image. 

Lifestyle Modifications:

Make small yet significant changes in your lifestyle that will have a huge impact on your health and wellness. 


Stress-Busting, Weight Loss Strategies for Female Entrepreneurs

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Praise and Testimonials

I finally realised the connection between stress and m weight gain when I met Funmi, she told me so much about the signs to look out for and has given me some great strategies together with recipes to help control my weight together with proper nutrition. I love her approach, she is very open and friendly and I love working with her.


Funmi's approach to natural health is brilliant. I've been working with her for a few months now and the results have been fantastic. She's very knowledgeable, has always given me great advice and guidance and has always been approachable and supportive. I've seen fantastic results since we started working together and would highly recommend her. 


One word to describe Funmi - Caring! My experience with her has been nothing but amazing! She is an extremely dedicated health coach who properly invests in people by getting to know their needs and goals. Her knowledge of wellness and the way it works is over-flowing! I have seen noticeable changes since starting her coaching, she has taught me so much about what to do, how to eat and why I am feeling the way that I have been.


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Sold On Wellness

Hi, I'm Funmi

I work with female entrepreneurs who are experiencing stress and weight management issues in their lives, which is something that many of us face.

I do this by helping them create sustainable lifestyle modifications; and as someone who had her own struggles with weight in the past, I know what it's like to need some extra support and guidance on this journey.

I enjoy listening to music while working out or cooking dinner, spending time outdoors with my family, reading resources about mindfulness strategies, going on walks around my neighbourhood...and of course, eating tasty food. More about me here.


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