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Helping female entrepreneurs overcome chronic Stress and burnout so they can thrive in their body and business by making their health and wellness a priority.

How is Stress Impacting Your Life and Business? 

Are you headed for burnout? Do you feel stressed-out, overwhelmed and more tired than ever before? Take this quiz today to find out what that means to your physical health so that you can avoid burnout! 

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About Funmi.

Hi, Im Funmi Akande, a Functional Health Coach, Sold On Wellness is my Stress Management blog, created for female entrepreneurs who struggle with stress and burnout. I'm super excited to have you here and I'm sure you will be inspired to make a shift from striving to thriving in your body. 

I believe that every female entrepreneur deserves to recognise their dynamic worth and be confident in who they are without trying out unhealthy 'solutions.' 

I recognise what it's like to feel stressed, exhausted, and overwhelmed to relate with you since I have also hit burnout. This is why I am passionate about helping female entrepreneurs overcome chronic Stress and burnout by creating sustainable lifestyle modifications. 

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