7 key Inspirations For When You Feel Lost In Life

When you feel lost in life, it can get you down. Sometimes you just don't know what to do with yourself.

Life is full of ups and downs. Surviving as an entrepreneur is hard work without considering motherhood aND the wifehood part which can weigh you down. 

If you are on the verge of giving up on your dreams or looking down on your life, perhaps you lost your job or lost a lot of money.

It's easy to get overwhelmed and flip out, but it's important that we learn ways of coping. Here are 7 tips on how you can regain hope when you feel lost in life. 

1. See your battles as an avenue for growth

One of the most outstanding female entrepreneurs that ever lived is Mary Ash Kay. Her business journey is quite intriguing and inspiring, but you may find it difficult to believe that she faced many difficulties both as a child and in her marriages.

Mary Kay was an amazing sales representative, yet she never got promoted at work. One day, she quit her job and started a new journey, today a multi-level marketing company. (I know MLM is off topic for so many people, that’s not our focus today, im sure you get the idea) 

Like Mary Kay’s life, when you feel lost in life, certain problems will present themselves to you; they may look like a mountain but walk closer, climb that mountain, then you realize it was just a mirage.

2. Your past does not define you

Entertainment Empress Oprah Winfrey was molested when she was 9 years old. not only was she raped, but she was also physically abused continuously as a child.

Winfrey lived through hell growing up, yet she grew up to be an entertainment entrepreneur, business owner, and business mogul. Regardless of how the society tries to relegate her, find fault in her, give her rules and restrictions, and attempt to curb her wings.

She is an unstoppable force because she doesn’t let her past define her. Many women stop following their dreams because society continually reminds them of their mistakes.

But hey, who doesn’t make mistakes? Your past, irrespective of what it is, should never define you. Your future defines you and determines your choices.

3. Own your body and be proud of it

I know there are many trolls on social media waiting for the next time you will upload a picture. Whether you are fat, slim,  or have any physical deformity, you are beautiful just the way you are.

Too many ladies are always seeking validation for their body; however, nobody will love your body more than you do. When you feel lost in life, learn to stand in front of the mirror every day and tell yourself, “I am beautiful.

I have beautiful eyes, ears, mind and mouth. ”Saying positive words about your body improves your self-confidence. and of at any point you feel you want to work on your body, it should come from your own desire or maybe your doctor’s, but certainly not out of societal or peer pressure.

4. You are loved

Whenever I feel scared and helpless, I remind myself of the number of people who love me and care about me. And just like that, I am filled with joy again. Although the world may be harsh to you, life may throw several punches at you, and a lot of people may say negative things behind your back, yet you are still loved. 

I have heard too many ladies tell me they doubt if anyone loves them because almost everyone attacks them. I smile and say the only reason you struggle to see those who love you is that you are too focused on those who hate you.

So, you need to focus on those who love you. Need I say that people who love you may not always send you gifts, money, or emails. But, every single time you meet them, you feel motivated and pumped up. 

5. Engage in personal development activities

Oprah Winfrey said, “we cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are.” You cannot become a strong and successful woman in the same vein if you remain in your failure.

Take a good look at every woman in your neighbourhood and look at women who are successful globally; they did not stay at the same spot.

I understand that you might be knocked down by the challenges you’re facing currently, but it is time to get on your feet. It is time to move on. Read books, listen to podcasts, ask successful people around you questions.

There is a common saying that “readers are leaders,” and you learn about other people’s stories and life when you read books and those info can help You know how to deal with different challenges even before you experience them.

Moreover, personal development activities will help you overcome challenges with ease because they become a model to be used. If you feel worried, sad, and weak, try to read a book on personal development.

You can also subscribe to YouTube channels that talk about personal development. Cultivate the habit of investing in yourself; it pays off eventually. Yes, we’re not always excited about personal growth because of our emotions.

At such times, take some extra efforts to listen to successful people, read books by successful people, and get fuelled.

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6. Reflect on your past achievement

In your lowest moments when you feel lost in life, not many words will make meaning or pass a message to you. But you can get yourself out of that feeling almost immediately. Get a journal, and write out all you have accomplished in the past year, six months, or three months.

As you write about those achievements, remind yourself of your abilities, which goes a long way in helping you gain inspiration. Unlike hearing others talk to you, reading or reflecting on your past achievement is a form of internal motivation. 

I like this quote that said “Women need real moments of solitude and self-reflection to balance out how much of ourselves we give away.” – Barbara De Angelis. Learn to maximize reflection as a tool to reprogram your mind and achieve effective results in the future.

7. Embrace the power of supportive friends

One of the lessons I learned from the movie Pitch Perfect is the interesting bond that tied the ladies together. If you’ve seen it, you’ll realize that each of those ladies had their down moments.

They struggled at their various workplaces, in their relationships, and in different aspects of their lives. But, whenever they came together, they became joyful, happy, and fulfilled. Now, that is the power of friendship.

Nicole Richie said, “True friends are like diamonds; bright, beautiful, valuable, and always in style.” I have experienced challenges and had my bad times as an entrepreneur, but my friends kept me moving.

The constant reminder of my identity, frequent follow-up, random visits, and gifts always kept me moving. If you are battling to live again or keep hope alive, you need to surround yourself with good friends who will support you.

when you feel lost in life

Final Thought on when you feel lost in life 

Loneliness and hopelessness are quite natural for so many people, and they can be challenging to overcome. When next you feel lonely because you made mistakes, you failed, or you are stressed, ensure that you positively engage your mind.

Never think that you are a failure, or your business will never be successful. Remind yourself of how amazing and incredible you are. Never allow doubt, or fear to work in your heart.

I will leave you with the following affirmations, and I recommend that you confess them every morning:

  • My best is yet to happen. Every new day will be better than my past.
  • My future is bright, and I am happy with it.
  • I have joy always. Joy radiates around me. 
  • My mind is calm. I make the right decisions at all times.
  • My past does not define me, I own my body, and I control my emotions.
  • I know when to say no. I will not be a victim of emotional manipulation. 
  • My business yields much more. I attract more clients.
  • I am unstoppable. I am not unmovable. I am a solution solver. 

One more thing, don’t forget that what you’re doing is extraordinary. Only a few people can live your life and still be as glamorous. So, You rock! Okay?

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About the author 


Funmi is a Certified Functional Health Coach. She is passionate about helping female entrepreneurs transform from Stress and burnout so they can begin to thrive in their body and, by extension, their businesses.

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