How To Stay Positive During Difficult Times As A Female Entrepreneur

How to stay positive during difficult times can be a very important lesson to learn.

It can be hard to hold your chin up when you are going through a tough time, but if you remember the good in your life and what you have accomplished, you should feel much better about yourself and these difficult times.

Entrepreneurship is a challenging position for founders and team members to handle, even on good days.

You have to look out for so many things, such as employees, clients, investors, and everything in between. It can often cause terrible anxiety and stress. 

Some good news is that you don't have to continue with the negative headspace. There are some decisions and actions you can commit to that help you stay positive during difficult times.

Here are some tips to ensuring that you walk on the path of joy and positivity as a female entrepreneur.

1. Remember Your Purpose

how to stay positive

Negative thoughts can begin to chip away at the primary purpose of you being an entrepreneur. 

Once you are distracted from your primary goals, you will never be able to put full focus into accomplishing them. 

By shifting your focus back onto the main purpose that you have to accomplish as a female entrepreneur, you can begin to put things back into perspective.

This can help you gauge that some of the issues and concerns you are facing aren't as bad as you thought. 

2. Change Focus

If focusing on the main goal doesn't seem to work, you can take a completely different approach. 

Maybe shifting your focus onto something else for a short while can help you stay positive during tough times. 

If going in one direction or after a certain task is not working, trying something new can help to improve your perspective.

It can give your mind a break from only focusing on one thing too. 

3. Look at Your Company Goals

Negative feelings towards the company after constant anxiety and stress is understandable, but it can make you lose focus on the important aspects of the company. 

You can get your focus back by turning back to the company's goals you have in mind. 

You need to make sure that they are all written down and that you can go back to them whenever you need the extra kick to continue working hard. 

4. Talk to a Mentor

Building a relationship with a mentor you admire and take inspiration from can be a good idea. 

A business mentor is someone you look up to and can guide you when you have a situation that feels overwhelming. 

They have experienced plenty of tough times to draw from their past and give you invaluable advice that can also help you through your struggles. 

5. Take a Social Media Break 

Social media is a great tool that you often need to rely on as a business owner. 

However, it may lead to some entrepreneurs constantly being overwhelmed by the competition. 

The comparison trap can make it hard for you to focus on your business instead of focusing on what you lack. 

If you find yourself comparing your company's progress to other businesses, you need to take a break from this unhealthy habit. 

6. Use Others for Motivation

If you are looking at other businesses, make sure it is for motivation and not negative comparisons. 

The success of other businesses can be the motivating factor that drives you to success as well. 

By looking at other successes and seeing what things are possible, you can begin to push the business to new levels of success. 

7. Look Back 

Sometimes, it can be a good decision to pause and look back. 

By looking at all the hurdles you crossed and how far you have come, you can stay positive during difficult times. 

Looking at the past can help you redirect your focus on the future. 

8. Move On from Failures

Continuously dwelling on setbacks and failures can be a bad idea. What is done is done. 

When you experience any failures in the business world, you need to understand the importance of moving on. 

Failures are inevitable, and not all of them can be prevented. Instead of letting them mess with your mind, you have to focus on new tasks and projects to keep the business going.

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9. Write Down Everything You Learnt

The best way to stay positive during tough times is to make sure that you take failures and give them a perspective. 

Writing down all the things you learned from them and how they occurred can be a good thing moving forward. It shows that you still gained something despite failing. 

In the future, you will be glad to know that you will not make the same mistake again. 

10. Spend Time with Loved Ones

Starting and operating a business can take up a lot of energy and time. Female entrepreneurs need to put in more effort to cement their success too. 

So, it can always be a good thing to take one step back and remember why you started. 

Spending some time with loved ones frequently can help you stay positive during difficult times and be a reminder about why you are making so much effort for the business. 

11. Communicate with the Team

The team members in the business are also experiencing many of the things you are. They can help to break through the negative funk that you have been feeling.

It can be eye-opening to them about business ideas, future goals, personal goals, and other issues. 

12. Communicate with the Customers

Reaching out to your customer base sometimes to see how they are doing can be a good idea. 

You should try and learn how they have been affected by your company to remind yourself about why you are running it in the first place. 

13. Do the Hardest Labour First

Being overwhelmed by the work can also make it harder to break out of the negative headspace. 

Sometimes, you need to buckle down and focus on getting the work done. 

Focus on getting the most difficult task out of the way first so that you can reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed. 

Getting the hardest labour done can also make you feel accomplished and motivated to start getting your workload in order. 

14. Appreciate Your Freedom

Another reminder to stay positive during difficult times is to remember that you are the boss. 

While it doesn't mean that you get to do whatever you want whenever you want, but you do get some privileges and freedom.

15. Make a Plan

Lacking direction can often make you feel negative and overwhelmed too. 

If you feel like this is the case, you can sit down and design a plan for the next few years of your business. 

Having a general outline about where the business is going can be beneficial in making you focused and optimistic about the company. 

16. Take a Break

Sometimes, you need to take a step back to help you refocus on your life and business. 

Taking a short vacation or going away for the weekend can be the driver for greater productivity.

Unplugging away from the business world can reset your mind and drive you further. 

17. Reward Yourself

When you accomplish something in the business, celebrate or reward yourself for it. 

To stay positive during difficult times, you need to celebrate every small victory to keep yourself motivated.

Mapping out a rewards system can make the daily grind easier to deal with.

18. Reward Your Team

Applying a reward system for the team can be a good idea too. 

It would help if you kept them motivated and happy to ensure an overall positive atmosphere in the workplace. 

A happy and motivated team can boost your mood and energy too. 

how to stay positive

Final Thought on how to stay positive 

Running a business is hard work, and female entrepreneurs have to work through so many added obstacles. It is sure to stress out anyone, and such feelings are completely understandable.

The best way to stay positive is to remember the good in your life. To keep your business going and moving forward, try to focus on the good things too. The next time you are feeling down, take a moment and think about what makes you happy.

What do you like about yourself? What are some things that make you smile? If necessary, also remind yourself of all the great accomplishments that you have achieved. These can be large or small-just as long as they're yours!

And don't forget to say something nice about other people too! Positive words will help keep your mood up and give others encouragement for whatever challenges they may be facing.

When it comes to staying positive during difficult times, one of the most important things is remembering what's good in our lives--and letting other people know how much we appreciate them.

Reminding ourselves of what makes us smile can help us get through the day, and that's a good thing! Let me know your thoughts in the comment section. 

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Funmi is a Certified Functional Health Coach. She is passionate about helping female entrepreneurs transform from Stress and burnout so they can begin to thrive in their body and, by extension, their businesses.

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