August 21, 2018

A healthy Natural Detox is about purifying the body naturally. Detox is done most of the time before the arrival of a new season. Its primary purpose is to clean the human body from toxin and to prepare it for the next weather.

Indeed, the detoxifying cure rids the body of toxins that’s accumulated because of dietary and seasonal factors. During the winter, our diet tends to be much richer and with reduced physical activity.

Therefore, many toxins can accumulate in the body; these toxins chemicals (pesticides, preservative) are remains left from our daily diet.

Detox treatments originated in the principles of naturopathy which means heal naturally.

By removing all harmful elements from our body that are not natural, the body will be relieved of fatigue, various infections and common pathologies caused by multiple viruses or bacteria.

Detoxing involves taking control of one’s diet by taking liquids, fruits, and fresh vegetables. Saturated fats, alcohol, tobacco, refined sugar, caffeine, preservatives and other chemical stabilizing agents are avoided from the diet during the detox cure.

Detoxification is essential for the excellent balance of the body, and it aids a proper function of Emunctory organs (liver, kidney, and intestines).

If any of these organs don’t function in their full capacity, then symptoms of blurred complexion, slow digestion, and fatigue occur.


signs your body needs a healthy natural detox

What is Detox?

Our lifestyle brings a large number of toxins. Detox can help to stimulate the work of elimination of toxin from the liver and kidneys while cleaning the body from the inside.

Foods, drinks and other routines are responsible for filling our body with an enormous amount of toxins such as food preservatives, pollutants, chemicals, additives, and medicines in them.

A detox will improve the health or performance of the two key organs: the liver and kidney. This is the most straightforward approach to maintain the level of toxins in the body with the help of detox diets, detox drinks, detox waters, detox smoothies and detox teas. There are so many other things available for the detoxing as well.

Some questions that might come to mind when considering a detox are:

Is A Detox Good For Liver Cleaning?

Liver detox is one of the most common techniques being used in the medical world. Liver detox is considered a better approach to clean the toxins and wastes.

In most of the cases, experts recommend choosing a healthier option which cleans the toxins as well as strengthens the liver. Using a detox diet for this purpose would be a top option.

A right diet can help the users to protect the organs as well as improves the efficiency. Those who have no idea about the best liver detox diets should focus on the reviews and feedbacks.

Is a Detox Good For Kidneys

Kidneys are essential for the cleaning of metabolites, salts, and toxins from the body. It is recommended to focus on the performance level of this important organ.

If you are experiencing concentrated pale yellow urine, then it is time to use a kidney detox. There are several types of kidney detoxing. Water detox is one of the most prominent options for this purpose.

This technique improves the kidney efficiency while increasing the urination. This is a natural system which reduces the risk of infections in the urinary tract.

On the other hand, this technique also minimizes the risks associated with kidneys and other organs because of the high concentration of chemicals.

Does a Detox Produce Energy?

Remember, a detox of any type is not expected to produce energy, but these can be effective to support to metabolism and other biochemical reactions. This directly increases the amount of energy being produced in the body.

What About Cleansing?

You have probably heard the word Cleansing just as a detox, I thought to chip it in so you are aware of it as well. Cleansing is another technique which is used as a substitute of detox.

Unlike detox diets, the cleansing foods are used to treat the digestive tract. It is helpful in controlling the bacteria inside the digestive tract.

It is obvious that bacteria in the track are responsible for the efficiency of digestion. However, detox is very useful especially if the level of toxins is too high in the body.

You should consult your Doctor or Health Coach to have better ideas. Your nutritionist can also play a vital role to suggest the best detox diet or plan.

So you are wondering, how do I know if and when my body needs detox and what is in it for me by the way? Let’s have a look:

signs your body needs a healthy natural detox

Signs your Body needs a Healthy Natural Detox

1. Cravings:

This is the most crucial sign showing that your body requires a healthy natural detox. Most people crave, either for a candy bar or an energy drink.

Craving should be controlled as soon as possible otherwise it would be the most significant cause of an increase in weight as well as toxins.

2. Lack of Sleep:

Problem while sleeping at night is called insomnia. This is a dangerous disorder which disturbs the overall health and performance of a person. In most of the cases, insomnia is associated with bad routine.

For example, most people go to exercise before going to bed. This increases the metabolism rate. It also results in the discharge of sweat which makes the body warm.

According to the experts, the high level of toxins and wastes in the body is another cause of insomnia. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a healthy natural detox diet whenever you feel a lack of sleep.

3. Obesity:

Is your weight increasing continuously? This is an alarming situation and you must respond as soon as possible.

With the passage of time, our body utilizes available fats but high levels of toxins create permanent reserves of fats (can’t be used by the body during metabolism).

According to some experts, obesity is a genetic issue. However, most of the people acquire obesity due to food addiction, craving, and others.

4. Increased Stress:

Do you feel anxiety or stress? You must take actions if it is frequently occurring. In most of the cases, a high amount of toxins disturb the brain activity and performance.

This results in a hormonal imbalance leading to stress development. You will need a healthy natural detox as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

5. Blood Pressure:

Whether it is high or low, blood pressure is a dangerous disorder. It is directly associated with blood thickness and flows in the body.

Severe cases of high blood pressure may lead to brain hemorrhage and physical paralysis (partial or complete).

A detox can help to eliminate excessive salts and toxins from the body while improving the oxygen level in the body.

What is Next?

Before you go on a Detox, consider these seven suggestions below:

1. See Your Doctor:

Regardless of your knowledge and method of detox, always consult the physician beforehand. Everyone has a different body chemistry. Therefore, you are encouraged to ask a doctor to deal with complications.

2. Use Exercises:

Remember, exercises are essential to accelerate the working of a detox method. It also helps to reduce the body mass.

Prominent effects of regular exercises include the improvement in blood flow, lung performance, lymphatic circulation, and oxygen level in the body.

3. Minimize Caffeine Use:

Using a detox method will not provide the expected results if you don’t lessen the caffeine. This ingredient is known to increase the toxins in the body.

It is recommended to minimize the use of coffee and soda beverages. Instead, you can use the herbal teas and fresh fruit juices.

4. Stop Alcohol:

High level of alcohol intake minimizes the efficiency of the liver and kidneys. Your body will not identify the toxins which result in complete failure of toxin removal.

5. Minimize High Protein Diets:

Remember, proteins are good for health but in a specific range. Consuming excessive red meat results in extra load on liver and kidney.

This is also known to put strains on these organs. In most of the cases, our stomach denies dealing with the enormous amount of proteins consumed during a day.

6. Drink Plenty Of Water:

Water is a natural detox. It improves the process of toxin and waste removal by strengthening the liver and kidney.

Drinking plenty of water accelerates the performance of kidneys to remove the excess salts and metabolites.

7. Enjoy Proper Sleep:

Make sure that you sleep properly. It is essential to sleep between 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm. This is a critical period in which body starts rejuvenation and detoxification.

Take care of these sleeping hours as this is peak time for rebuilding, toxin removal and mending.


I’m sure you want a stop feeling bloated, stressed, fatigued and forgetful to mention a few. You want to pay close attention to what you stand to benefit from a healthy natural detox because these points below are important to us especially women/moms.

Blood Cleaning:

One of the advantages of using a healthy natural detox is blood cleaning. Our blood should be clean and full of oxygen as it promotes the active cell working. Detoxing provides additional support to the liver to eliminate all the toxins and waste products from the blood.

Hormonal Balance:

There is a prominent role of hormones in the development and growth of the body. Toxins are known to create an imbalance of hormones.

A healthy Natural detox can relax the brain to work very well as it provides a balanced production of hormones for proper body functioning.

Stress Relief:

Increasing level of toxins in the body is associated with stress and anxiety. Most of the people face these problems when they continue a bad diet routine and lifestyle.

It would be nice to consider a healthy natural detox to remove the physical as well as mental stress.

Weight Control:

Toxins limit the body functions including the metabolism, fat burning, and others. This can result in obesity. Remember, obesity is the leading cause of several other disorders and diseases.

Your body will become inactive with the passage of time if you don’t manage the increasing weight.

Strengthens Immune System:

Our immune system is one we should also pay close attention to as it is vital in keeping the body active and healthy. Presence of toxins creates challenges for the body immunity.

Toxins bring several irregularities and issues. For example, it slows down the rate of metabolism. This is a direct cause of low energy production weakening the body and its systems.

Reboots Body Systems:

Once your body is clear of the toxins, there will be a process of redevelopment. Detox is known to reboot the vital body systems. It includes the digestion, metabolism, blood cleaning and tress removal.

Efficient Digestion:

Digesting foods and drinks are essential to acquire the desired nutrition. People with high toxins inside the body fail to get this goal. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on detoxification.

This directly improves the digestion by strengthening the stomach and digestive tract. It also prevents the development of digestive tract infections.

Proper Nutrient Extraction:

This is the next phase after the digestion. A healthy natural Detox diet or plan always focuses on the appropriate nutrition.

A body with a sufficient supply of macro as well as micronutrients usually performs excellently in all aspects.

Physical Repair and Maintenance:

It is believed that the human body undergoes natural repair and maintenance. Yes, these two processes occur on a daily basis. Going to bed early is recommended by the experts to take full advantages of these processes.

However, removal of toxins is necessary to avoid insomnia and other associated disorders.

Improves Thinking:

The effects of a healthy natural detox are not limited to physical changes. You get a relaxed and fresh mind to think better.

Toxin removal has positive impacts on the brain activity. Enjoy better memory and thoughts with a detox.

Are You Ready To Explore The Benefits of a Healthy Natural Detox?

There are several health advantages to detox. Try to keep in touch with a physician and nutritionist to avoid unwanted effects. Wish you health and happiness.

Have you tried a Healthy Natural detox before? What changed and will you try it again? Share below.


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