11 Major Signs You Need a Detox ASAP

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Signs you need a detox are important cues for your body to tell you that you need to take a break from the pollutants and chemicals in your everyday life. Every day there are thousands of toxins entering your system causing incredible damage both internally and externally. Some signs can be more obvious, like acne or digestive issues, while others are easy to overlook.

A detox removes toxins from your body and boosts your immune system while also jumpstarting weight loss and restoring balance. This article will tell you all the signs you need a detox and where to start!

Why Bother?

As it is now, the air we breathe is filled with toxic substances, most foods around us are treated with pesticides, Toxic chemicals are added in most beauty products and toiletries, even drinking water/juice isn’t left behind.

We are exposed to hydrogenated fats and oils, ethanol, lead, triclosan, phthalates, dioxins, perchlorate, arsenic, mercury, pesticides, formaldehyde, fluoride, chlorine to name a few.

It is bad enough we are faced with these toxic chemicals but here’s more harm if we can’t get these toxins out of our bodies.

While you might not have control over some causes of toxins in your body, knowing the signs you need a detox will be handy for you.

There are lots of detox programs available, but it’s important to know which is suitable. The question is how do you know what type of detox is right for your health or how can you tell when your body needs a detox session?

Understanding Detox:

signs you need a detox

Detox is a short program that includes dietary intervention. This technique aims to discharge the toxins from the body with the help of the most straightforward means such as fasting, fresh juices, cold water, and others.

A combination of herbs and supplements is also recommended by nutritionists once there are signs you need a detox.

There are several detox methods that require particular attention and care. In fact, there are risks associated with the application and performance of detox programs.

Recently a Korean study confirmed that lemon juice-based technique can benefit the users, but this should be performed under the supervision of an expert person. It is better to try food-based or diet-based programs.

Benefits Of Cleansing/ Detox Programs?

1.  Liver stimulation and support.

2.  Enables the body to regulate the rejuvenation process without the help of constant digestion.

3.  Ensures the availability of nutrients to contribute towards optimal health.

Reasons to eliminate toxins 

The filtration system plays a preeminent role in the digestive process and in the overall health of the human body. Two organs – the kidney and Liver function together to filter out all the toxins that we take in through meals as well as absorbing essential nutrients in our body.

When these two organs tend to act up, toxins will start building up which may result in gastric reflux, unwanted body odour, bad breath, difficulty in reducing fat and carbohydrate levels, bloating, joint pain, gases, and constipation, etc. These are some significant signs you need a detox.

You can get rid of the toxins present in the body by adopting a healthy diet, drinking more water or taking some mix of medicinal plants, all these promote a good cleaning of the kidneys and liver.

These practices would facilitate weight loss, improve the proper functioning of the digestive system and allow for better water retention.

Let's quickly touch on these two important causes of toxin accumulation which you might relate to.

1. Stress.

With school runs for the kids to long days of work, our busy lifestyle can cause excessive stress which is a significant cause of toxin production.

When you find yourself in a stressful situation, the performance of your immune system goes down, and that affects the pace of your digestive process. These effects are often the cause of constipation or diarrhoea, thus killing the good bacteria of the digestive system and those are signs you need a detox asap.

2. Food

Ever heard the saying ‘You’re what you eat? What we consume has a significant influence on the production of toxins in the body.

If our system ingests far too much refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, trans and saturated fats, and so on. It is impossible for the body to eliminate all these toxins by itself!

After a while, all these toxins accumulate in the kidneys and the liver, it becomes more difficult for the filtration process to dissolve foods properly.

A detox cure certainly means a few sacrifices, but the results are worth it.

Is a Detox Right For You?

First of all, you should check your own health conditions because the outcomes of detox programs solely depend on specific needs. Carefully observe the symptoms and signs to take real advantage of detox sessions. Once you are clear with these things, you can dig further to choose the right plan.

Deeper Dives:

How To Detox Your Body Naturally and Quickly (Beginner Friendly)

What is detox tea? How it works and whether or not you should try it.

Below are major signs your body might need a detox.

signs you need a detox

1. Overgrowth of Body:

Do you often feel tired and weak? It could be an overgrowth of the body in relation to the activity of toxins. The human body has a natural growth setup, but it doesn’t make the body weak.

Some women face a huge problem when they move or walk, and that could be an indication of heavy loads of fats. In fact, these are lipophilic toxins such as PCSs and Dioxins.

These fats are stored in the body within the fat reserves. In this case, this person faces huge resistance when they try to lose weight.

2. Unexplained Exhaustion:

Do you wake up exhausted? Mostly it is believed that sleeping for at least 8 hours make the body fresh and energetic.

However, if you don’t experience this when you wake up most of the time, that could be a sign you need a detox to get rid of accumulated toxins.

A high level of body toxins makes troubles for the restoration and repair systems. The Human body’s restoration and repair occurs during sleep time.

According to experts, adrenal fatigue is the most common symptom people face because of unexpected exhaustion.

3. Insomnia:

If your body is under a particular type of stress, then it will experience a lack of proper sleep. This is the first most important symptom that appears because of excessive toxins in the body and a telling sign you need a detox.

Cortisol is a hormone that supports the patients to handle stress. However, insomnia is known to bring down the level of this hormone which promotes stress.

The timing of the hormone release is another important thing. If your body is getting the abnormal release of cortisol in the evening, then it will feel energetic. This would become a significant hindrance between you and proper sleep.

4. Fuzzy Thoughts:

Numerous toxins have adverse effects on the brain and its activity. For example, MSG and Aspartame are known to make the brain weak.

These toxins create a feeling of spaced and empty-minded most of the time. Minimizing the level of these toxins in the body is necessary. Both toxins are found in sugar-free drinks, sodas, and processed foods.

This is why most of the experts recommend avoiding junk foods, and most importantly during detox sessions.

5. Unexpected Pain:

Do you feel unexplained pain in the body? That could be signs you need a detox. In this case, Headache is the most common problem people experience. If you suffer from a headache regularly, it could be a result of an elevated level of toxins in your body.

MSG and Aspartame are also significant agents behind it. It is recommended you cut down on the quantity of these two toxins. Know what you eat and drink.

6. Swinging Mood:

Does your mood, zig-zag? It is a rough indication that toxins are increasing in the body. Mood swings happen when the hormones are imbalanced.

Toxins such as Xenoestrogens are behind the mood swings in men as well as women. These are called synthetic compounds with estrogen-like activity.

Primary sources of this toxin are phthalates, BPA and PCBs. Try to avoid the use of plastic containers, bottles, plates, and bags to get rid of this toxin.

7. Bad Odor:

Those who suffer from the bad smell or odour even in the stools (hubby calls that ‘No.2’, lol) or gas definitely have higher toxins. The toxins disturb the functions of the colon, stomach, liver, and pancreases.

Elimination of toxins becomes difficult when these organs are not performing well. You can support the liver with the help of supplements and detox diets.

8. Constipation:

Elimination of the body wastes is an essential function. Constipation is one of the most frequent issues people face when they have higher toxins in the body.

According to the experts, wastes should be removed on a daily basis. Toxins are absorbed or returned back into the bloodstream if the body fails to move the bowls.

This increases the number of toxins while adding new toxins. Try to improve fiber intake and drink more water. This is the best approach to avoid constipation.

9. Muscular Pains:

One of the signs you need a detox is Muscular Pains. It could be an indication that your body is disturbed because of elevated toxins. Numerous toxins are known to leave pain receptors inactivated state.

This triggers the feeling of pain even if there is no issue. Ignoring the condition may lead to muscle aches, knots, and spasms. Maintain your diets and exercise routines on a daily basis to control the level of toxins.

10. Skin Issues:

This is directly related to the liver. Actually, our liver is responsible for toxin elimination. A liver overloaded with toxins would not be able to perform the duties according to requirements.

Skin plays a significant role to remove the toxins from the body once the liver has done its job. When toxins overload, the skin may face acne, boils, and rashes.

11. Scent Sensitivity:

Are you sensitive to various scents? It is normal as many people are allergic to different scents. However, if you are facing a severe condition, then it could be because of toxins.

This sensitivity increases when the liver fails to minimize the toxins in a daily process of toxin elimination.

Now you know 11 signs of your body need a detox. It is time to think about toxin elimination. You should consider a healthy natural detox diet, plans, and therapies.

signs you need a detox

Final Thoughts on signs you need a detox

Most of us have been there - feeling rundown, frustrated with our weight loss efforts and not feeling like ourselves.

If you’ve got a few symptoms that sound familiar then it may be time to head for the detox! 

A cleanse can help jumpstart your weight loss goals, give you more energy and restore balance in your life by getting rid of toxins from your body.

So if any or all of these signs are ringing true for you right now, don’t hesitate to take charge before things get worse. 

Hope this was helpful, feel free to share it with your friends and family. If you have any questions or just want to chat, I’d love to hear from you. Just drop me a comment below.

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Funmi is a Certified Functional Health Coach. She is passionate about helping female entrepreneurs transform from Stress and burnout so they can begin to thrive in their body and, by extension, their businesses.

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