Does Apple Cider Vinegar Help You Lose Weight, And Is It So Effective?

Does apple cider vinegar help you lose weight even though that's what people say?

You may not have heard of apple cider vinegar, but it is gaining in popularity. It does sound strange at first – drinking something that smells like vinegar?

But what does the research say? And does it work to lose weight? This article will explore these questions and more.

What is Apple Cider Vinegar

It has been said that the consumption of apple cider vinegar for weight loss is one of the best choices out there.

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is a paste of fermented apple, sugar and yeast. 

This vinegar will help regulate one's blood sugar level and remove toxins inside the body caused by unhealthy eating habits, such as consuming foods pre-packaged with chemicals, preservatives, and artificial sweeteners.

What does the research say about apple cider vinegar and weight loss?

does apple cider vinegar help you lose weight

A lot of people believe that apple cider vinegar is an effective way to lose weight. So does the research say the same?

The research does show promise for those who use apple cider vinegar for weight loss. One study tracked 54 subjects who used ACV for 12 weeks, exercising an hour per day.

The researchers found that "ACV suppressed body weight and fat mass gain."

Another study published in a Chinese medical journal showed ACV effectively reduced body weight, BMI, waist circumference, hip circumference, blood pressure and total cholesterol in adults with obesity.

However, ACV does not appear to be as effective at producing long-term weight loss as exercise or dieting alone.

In addition, while apple cider vinegar does promote weight loss by increasing the body's metabolic rate, it does not increase fat burning in muscle tissue.

How does it work to lose weight?

does apple cider vinegar help you lose weight

It's a common belief that apple cider vinegar does wonders for weight loss, but does it work? Well, according to many sources, yes.

Apple cider vinegar is a source of probiotics and enzymes that are good for digestion.

It may also help regulate blood sugar levels and help with other appetite issues because it does affect insulin levels in the body.

What you need to know before you start drinking apple cider vinegar for weight loss:

Studies are inconclusive as to whether or not ACV can help with weight loss on its own.

If used in conjunction with a nutritional plan, however, the benefits may be even more pronounced.

The positive effects of ACV will depend on your overall dietary intake: 

  1. If you are eating normally, exercising and still not losing weight, then maybe ACV may be just the solution for you.
  2. Apple cider vinegar does have a significant effect on insulin levels in the body. This is because it does contain an element called pectin that does help to keep insulin from spiking when consumed immediately after a meal.
  3. The enzymes found in ACV assist with digestion, which means that you will not overeat as often if your body does not have to work hard on digesting the food in your stomach. This does make it easier for you to achieve a slimmer waistline over time.

Who may benefit from using apple cider vinegar for weight loss:

does apple cider vinegar help you lose weight

1. Anyone looking to lose weight does have options and does not necessarily need to resort to using harmful or dangerous drugs or invasive surgery to find a solution that does work. ACV may be the answer you are looking for.

2. People who have tried every diet known to man and are still not losing weight.

3. Anyone looking to explore a healthier lifestyle should give ACV a try and see what they think of it as an option.

4. Lactose intolerant people usually find that drinking apple cider vinegar does help them to digest dairy products more readily without stomach upset or discomfort. This does make it easier for them to lose weight because of the different nutritional offerings that they can eat.

Deeper Dives:

August 13, 2021

July 19, 2021

How does apple cider vinegar help you lose weight?

does apple cider vinegar help you lose weight

1. When it comes to helping with hunger pains, ACV does significantly reduce the amount of food you eat by more than 500 calories in a day. This does make it a great option for anyone looking to lose weight.

2. When it comes to regulating blood sugar levels, ACV does help for the reasons cited above. This makes it a great option for anyone who does have diabetes and has difficulty losing weight because of poor diet choices or food cravings brought on by their disease.

3. People who have trouble digesting dairy and other foods does find that ACV does help them to lose weight because they can eat a greater variety of food without the pain or discomfort associated with eating these foods.

3. All people looking for natural solutions should give ACV a try as it does provide numerous benefits without any side effects.

4. People who do not know where to start or dislike the taste of other dietary supplements may find that ACV does help them to stay on track.

Potential risks associated with the consumption of apple cider

reverse dieting for weight loss

There are a few potential risks associated with the consumption of apple cider vinegar. First, there is the risk that drinking high-concentration apple cider vinegar can cause acid reflux in susceptible individuals.

There is also the concern that some people may experience diarrhoea from consuming apple cider vinegar. If you have any of these symptoms, make sure to stop drinking apple cider vinegar immediately and consult your doctor instead.

You may also experience some adverse side effects that are triggered by the consumption of apple cider vinegar. These include headaches, rashes and itchy skin, as well as inflammation, bloating and gas production.

Finally, you should know that although drinking water with a few drops of apple cider vinegar is safe for most people, some vitamin supplements and medications can interact with apple cider vinegar, which may cause a dangerous reaction.

How To Add Apple Cider Vinegar to Your Diet

does apple cider vinegar help you lose weight

This is a question that many people have been asking. Apple cider vinegar can be added to soups, sauces and dressings that are made in your home.

It can also be drizzled on foods you are cooking in the pan, such as vegetables and meat, or served as a salad dressing over mixed greens.

Homemade coleslaw with apple cider vinegar is also delicious! If you add a little apple cider vinegar to your diet, it may become one of your new favourites.

How Much Apple Cider Vinegar Should I Use?

This is also a question that many people want an answer to. Some experts recommend mixing 1 tablespoon of this liquid into the water you drink per day as part of a diet and weight loss program.

If you have it in the morning, it may help to jumpstart your metabolism for the day.

You will also want to drink plenty of water when taking this mixture so that you can avoid possible indigestion or an upset stomach due to the acidity of apple cider vinegar.

What to keep in mind when using apple cider vinegar for weight loss:

1. You should always consult your doctor before making drastic diet changes, especially if you have a condition that may cause complications.

2. You should not drink apple cider vinegar does straight. Instead, mix it with water or another beverage and then drink it over time. This makes it less harsh on your stomach and helps to mitigate digestive issues that you might otherwise feel because of the ACV hitting your system at once.

3. Always remember to drink plenty of water if you use ACV as a weight loss aid so that your body does not get dehydrated or develop kidney stones from the changes in pH levels in your body.

4. You should always keep in mind what else is occurring in your life when it comes to using ACV for weight loss. Is your job stressful, or do you have any major life changes planned?

5. You should not expect to lose more than 2 pounds per week unless you are working out or eating a very strict diet. A pound lost every week does work when it comes to using apple cider vinegar for weight loss.

6. You should never use ACV to replace a meal or cut out meals entirely as this does not lead to real weight loss results and will leave you feeling hungry, tired and weak does to the lack of food you are consuming every day.

does apple cider vinegar help you lose weight

Final Thoughts on Does apple cider vinegar help you lose weight.

The bottom line is that anyone who wants to start drinking apple cider vinegar for weight loss should be aware of these possible side effects and how they affect the body to minimise their occurrence. 

If you are already sensitive to any additives in your foods or drinks, speak to a qualified individual like your doctor or nutritionist before consuming apple cider vinegar.

When it comes to using apple cider vinegar for weight loss, there are plenty of reasons to do so.

While it does take a commitment and dedication on your part, the benefits can last you a lifetime.

Once you achieve the weight loss goals that got you started with ACV in the first place, you should always keep ACV around as a healthy and natural solution whenever you need to lose weight or be healthier in general.


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